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Retirement Expo Comes To Canberra – 2CC Outside Broadcast Scheduled

Canberra Retirement Expo
For the first time ever the popular Retirement And Lifestyle Expo, as seen in Sydney and Melbourne, is coming to Canberra.

Denise Drysdale will be making an appearance, and more importantly in my view, 2CC will be there with some outside broadcasts.

Regular 2CC and 2UE listeners will know that 2UE broadcast from their own fully fledged studio at the Sydney Retirement And Lifestyle Expo, and for them it is a very large and exciting event, I wouldn’t be surprised if 2CC treat it the same way.

2CC will be broadcasting the Drive Show on Friday November 25 from 3pm-6pm and Weekend Magazine & The Trading Post from 9am-2pm on Saturday November 26 (according to the information I heard Mike Frame distributing today). I personally plan on making my way down to the expo on the Friday and (hopefully) taking some photos of the 2CC outside broadcast. I can’t make it down there on the Saturday but if I could I’m sure I would be making the journey on that day as well.

The expo is taking place at Exhibition Park In Canberra from Friday November 25 to Sunday November 27 between 10am & 4:30pm

Entry is $8 for adults and $6 for Seniors Card holders and Pensioners. Accompanied children get in free.

For more information about the expo, click here for the five page PDF.


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My main portable radio

You may recall that in September I started talking about my “new” radio which is actually older than myself. In this I said that I would take a photo of my radio, which I finally remembered to do today. The radio is a Sony Walkman WM-F57, built in 1986, a year before I was born. The radio features an inbuilt multidirectional auto-reverse cassette deck and a speaker, with the use of the speaker on/off switch it is possible to have headphones and the speaker in use at the same time, but this would probably drain the batteries quicker. The radio runs on two AA size batteries.

Here is the front:
WM-F57 Front
As is shown under the tape deck window, the tape deck features Dolby Noise Reduction.

This picture is of the top of the radio:
WM-F57 Top
The switches at the top, from left to right are as follows:

  • Input: Tape, Radio
  • Tape Select: Normal, CrO2 (Metal)
  • Battery Condition Indicator Light (not a switch)
  • Dolby/FM Mode: Off/Mono, On/Stereo
  • Speaker: On, Off

The headphone socket can be seen on the next row, to the right of that is the tape direction mode switch, which changes the auto reverse mode from “A->B->Stop” to “A->B->Restart”, to the right of that is the direction change button, followed by the fast forward button, the rewind button, the play button and the stop button.

The next row contains a socket for a 3V DC external power source.

The back of the radio (slightly out of focus):
WM-F57 Back
At top right you can see the volume control dial, which works on a scale of 0-10. The visible label provides some information such as model number (WM-F57), frequency range (AM: 530-1605 kHz and FM: 87.6-108MHz), the number and type of batteries it uses and in small print a series of numbers which appear to be a serial number (3-335-824-01). The unreadable label in the photo is a notice about Dolby trademarks, and the section labeled “Open” with an arrow is the battery compartment.

On the opposite side to the volume control is a switch for band selection (AM and FM) and a tuning dial.

In the entire time I have had this radio the dial has ventured off 2CC (1206 AM) a couple times to briefly check other stations, and has only ventured off the AM band once to see what stations I could recieve (I seem to recall stopping on News Radio for about 30 seconds).

On some of Nattie’s longer walks, the radio has accompanied us, this morning would be a good example as we enjoyed David Young’s Garden on our 40 minute walk.


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The Old Postmaster General

A discussion about the ABC radio transmitter building in Canberra over on John B1_B5’s site and how the building still bears the Postmaster General’s mark reminded me of some matchbox cars I have which also bear the Postmaster General’s mark.

For those that aren’t aware, the Postmaster General’s Department (or PMG) was a government department responsible for the postal service, the telephone service, and apparently the ABC broadcasts among other things. The PMG was broken up into the companies now known as Telstra and Australia Post in 1975. A company called “Broadcast Australia” is now responsible for the operation of Canberra’s ABC radio transmitters, and pretty much the entire ABC and SBS networks, among others.

Anyway, the matchbox cars that I was thinking of are some I bought from the post office a while back, the first one is a 1927 Model T Ford PMG van.
1927 Model T Ford PMG van
The large P.M.G is a shiny gold colour, but the flash of the camera made it show up as a brownish colour. You can also see on the “door” of the vehicle “PMG 282”

Next up is a postie bike showing the letters “PMG” and the numbers “692”.
PMG Postie Bike

And finally, the last vehicle in the collection doesn’t bear the PMG mark, but it is an interesting vehicle none the less. It is an Australia Post bright yellow Express Post van, which in this case is in the form of a Ford Transit from year unknown.
Ford Transit Express Post

These vehicles show an evolution of postal transport and the postal system in Australia, which in itself is rather fascinating.


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Plain English Awards Coming Soon

This came in overnight from The Plain English Campaign:

Thank you to everyone who sent in entries for our Golden Bull awards this year. We have spent many hours laughing at the best and worst of English gobbledygook, and have managed to compile a list of winners, which will be announced in the next few weeks. However, if you missed the deadline, do not fear as we are now accepting entries for next year’s awards. The winners of the ‘serious’ prizes including the Inside Write award, will be announced at the beginning of December.

Looks like it’ll be a busy time here on Samuel’s Blog at the start of December, we’ve got the large photographic journey to Sydney and back for the New Day Australia Christmas Function (people keep asking me about tickets, unfortunately they are all sold out), the usual monthly site stats, a summary of the Plain English Awards, and to top all that off, the Samuel Awards 2005 are also coming in December.


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