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2CC Birthday Card

As previously mentioned, I gave 2CC a birthday card for it’s 30th birthday. It was more of a birthday paper than a card, but it’s the thought that counts.

Anyway, I have gone to some length to reproduce the birthday card. You may have seen in various places that sell paper, paper with pre-printed backgrounds, I used a “scrollpaper” background and printed on top of that. This is what makes the reproduction tricky, I have had to copy the scrollpaper background into the birthday card document which means I had to scan in another piece of scrollpaper (I thought I had run out of it, but I found one) and then go about inserting it into the document.

Anyway, here is the birthday card which I presented to 2CC (and I believe is currently hanging on their notice board). Clicking on the picture will open the 861KB PDF file of it.

2CC 30th Birthday Card from Samuel


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Response To Transport Ideas

Two weeks ago The Chronicle published a cut down version of my transport ideas in the letters to the editor section of the paper. In this weeks edition they have published a reply from another Canberra resident which I will share with you below. It is on page 24 of the Northside Chronicle but the page number may vary between edition.


I REFER to the letter ‘Public Transport’ (The Chronicle, October 18).

I could not agree more with the sentiments of your correspondent.

Unfortunately there is a negative mindset in regards to light rail in this territory. Inherent in this regard is the provincial mentality of our territory leaders that is akin to a type of colonial cringe. Small cities such as Canberra should have light rail. Many do in other parts of the world with considerable success.

There is sufficient evidence that light rail is far more efficient and user friendly than any busway will ever be. Busways will never encourage people to shift from their cars to this mode of public transport. Light rail/trams will. Once built, the busway has little chance of being converted to light rail. The authorities will never justify the expense. Look at what happened in Adelaide with OBahn.

The population increase in the Modbury Corridor which the OBahn serves more than justifies the conversion to light rail but it will not happen because successive South Australian governments lack the political will.

The same thing will happen here.

Finally, what has always been needed in Canberra is an intergrated transport infrastructure with the light rail as the core mode. The proposal for the construction of the busway is just another example of re-inventing the wheel. [Pun intended.]


So there we have it, somebody who not only agrees with my sentiments, but also has some solid evidence from other areas to back up their own ideas. Well done Mr. Connor, the voice of reason speaks out!

(That being said, John B1_B5 was also able to back up the idea of trams with evidence from their implementation and de-implementation, and the public sentiments surrounding it.)


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