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Wheel Of Fortune Picture

Here’s a picture or two circa 2002.

They are pictures of a Wheel Of Fortune set where the contestants are trying to solve a puzzle, the first picture was drawn on paper and was designed as a planning picture.
Wheel Of Fortune
In the picture you can see the puzzle board at the top showing a partially completed puzzle, underneath that you can see the “puzzle genre” graphic and co-host Sophie Faulkner, further down you can see the wheel and host of the time Rob Elliot announcing that there are three “O”s in the puzzle.

The picture was destined to become the cover for my art folder for the art class I was in at the time, and was promptly drawn on there.
Wheel Of Fortune
There are a few changes in this picture, firstly the picture has colour and the newly revealed letters have a highlighting. The genre graphic has been coloured green to match the TV show’s graphic, and a speaker emitting the sound effects heard on the show has been placed to the left of that. Sophie Faulkner’s dress in now striped. On the far left you can spot two camera operators, one with the camera pointing at the puzzle board and the other pointing at the contestants, who actually appear in this version of the picture. Apart from that, the contestant’s wheel pointers have been coloured to match the TV show. The yellow contestant is requesting “an O for orange” and Rob Elliot is announcing in sentence form “There are three O’s”

In this picture you can see that “Top Dollar” on the wheel is $2000, which means that this was prior to the “inflation” of the money as Rob Elliot called it. This was also at the time when Daewoo were the motor vehicle sponsor of Wheel Of Fortune.

The point of the cover artwork was to identify the owner of the folder, despite the missing letters in the puzzle, it would be fairly easy to identify that I am the owner of the folder.


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