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Statistics of Samuel

As you have probably noticed, the Coffee-cup-o-meter is out of service, it will probably stay that way, but for the moment there is a slightly more exciting statistic. At the top of the blog I have added a countdown to my 18th birthday, which will officially occur at 11:01 PM Canberra time on the 2nd of June 2005 (Which is 1:01 PM GMT).

If you are feeling like sending me something special, I would love to receive an email from you (which would allow me to reply personally) or an e-card (Hallmark have some fantastic free birthday E-Cards) or perhaps just a comment on the blog. Regardless of what you choose to do (if anything), I will be most appreciative.

That reminds me: despite what some people have said to me, you don’t actually need to be a member of to comment on this blog, I have deliberately made sure that anonymous comments are allowed.

Stay tuned, after my birthday I have a new and mildly exciting statistic lined up.


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He strikes again!!

Remember Idiot Number Three, well he struck again last week, sending the following email to the admin email address where I work:

I hate you!
I allways hated u the most!
I hope a giant rat lands on your head!

Amusing as it may seem to send that, I had something even more amusing for him in return, an account balance of 50 cents and turning on cost control…it was well timed actually, as I saw him today trying to access the internet and getting a “You have exceeded your download quota” message…a quick explanation and a laugh and I fixed it up for him….and for the other people who noticed and were critical of the cost control, I was monitoring his account balance and would have bumped it up a bit if it was going to run out before I got back and had a chance to talk to him.

And naturally, as we have a flat rate internet fee for students, cost control is irrelevant in the overall scheme of things…it is just a quick way to deny a person internet access but let them access the school website and email.


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Samuel’s LCA Video Update

Well, I don’t have the proper audio to work with, but I am working on the video anyway, getting it ready so that when I get the proper audio I can just place it in, perform a few little tweaks and release the video & DVD…which reminds me, I must email the LCA organisers about the audio…I think I’ll do that now.


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My Illness

Well, I had food poisoning and it wasn’t pleasant. I started to notice it on Sunday and was feeling pretty crook by the end of the day. On Monday I was very sick, very very sick in fact. Tuesday wasn’t much better, I was bed ridden for most of Monday and Tuesday. I was able to get up and move about a bit on Wednesday, but not much, my head still hurt. Thursday and Friday saw me mostly recovered, the weekend was a bit better and now I am almost 100%.

Memo to self: Write down 1000 times “Always heat food properly”


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Food poisoning isn’t pleasant…but I’m getting better, I’ll have more posts soon, stay tuned!


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Samuel’s Coffee-cup-o-meter

Saturday: 6 cups
6 x Standard Mug (1 point each) = 6 Points
Total = 6 Points


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Loo Power

ACTEW Corporation are planning on creating electricity from effluent leaving their waste water treatment plant, the power generated will be used to power the Lower Molongolo treatment plant, which uses roughly the same amount of power as 240 homes.


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Atom feed problems

Overnight I discovered that the atom feed was showing everything on the front page, which for some unknown reason was everything on this blog, despite the settings being different.

I have changed the settings slightly so that now the last 14 days appear on the front page and the feed.

For some reason this sent the feed into ga-ga land and it was only giving out 4 posts from a couple weeks back, this has fixed itself overnight (good, I didn’t have to do it!) and the feed works properly again.

I apoligise to feed subscribers who experienced problems, hopefully it won’t happen again.

Feed subscribers will now have a shorter list of recent posts making it easier and faster to obtain, and people visiting the front page of the blog will have a shorter page which loads much faster.


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Samuel’s Coffee-cup-o-meter

Friday: 6.5 Cups
3 x Standard Mug (1 point each) = 3 Points
1 x 75% Travel Mug (1.5 points each) = 1.5 Points
1 x Full 90%ish Travel Mug (2 points each) = 2 Points
Total = 6.5 Points

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My fastest Tux Racer speed.

Can penguins get booked for speeding? Maybe, but I don’t know how anybody could catch them!
Tux at 374 kilometres per hour


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When the cat’s away, the pigeon’s will play.

The man who puts the cat amongst the pigeons, John Laws, was absent again today, meaning that for the second time, Tim Webster was filling in. After hearing Tim on these two occasions, I am convinced that he would be a perfect candidate to take over the golden microphone when Lawsie eventually retires. Tim has a great voice, is highly likeable, and can get worked up when he wants to…the perfect mix for weekday mornings.

George Moore, the person who was filling in for Lawsie until recently was good, but I don’t think he was quite suited to Lawsie’s timeslot, his weekend show is excellent, but weekends are entirely different to weekdays. So hooray for Tim!


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One Week: the story of insurance insanity.

An update on the previous See you at Mike’s dinner post.

Unfortunately, the insurance company who are insuring the event are insisting that nobody under the age of 18 attends. This is the same insurance company that insisted on having me get a parental note to fly in the 2CC Traffic Plane despite the fact I’ll be over 18 by that time because they are convinced everyone wants to hijack and crash planes….

Incidentally, the dinner will be exactly one week before my 18th birthday.

I do have to wonder why I was able to enter the competition in the first place….


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Goose Repellant???

Yep, that is what the ad said that caught my eye, my curiosity led me to follow the link (and no, curiosity did not kill the cat).
It led me to a site called Wildlife Control Supplies who not only sell Goose Repellant, but also Deer Repellant, Snake-a-way Snake Repellant, Bat-a-way, Rat-a-way, 4 the Birds Transparent Repellant Gel and more.

Some of the prices and quantities are even better, want a gallon on Goose repellant…sure, that is only a mere US$219.95

Some of the other products are even better, they have these giant plyer things that allow you to grab a cat that has run up a tree…you might need the arm protector sleeves and the gloves with 400 stainless steel safety bars if you attempt a cat rescue like this.

Pure Coyote and Fox toilet products are also available (the liquid type).

Don’t forget the gift certificates for those times when you just don’t know what to get the person who has every sane product on the planet.

Visit for more info


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Samuel’s Coffee-cup-o-meter

Thursday: 5 Cups
2 x standard mug (1 point each) = 2 points
2 x 75% travel mug (1.5 points each) = 3 points
Total = 5 Points


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Samuel’s Coffee-cup-o-meter

Wednesday: 8 cups
5 x Standard Mug (1 point each) = 5 points
2 x 75% Travel Mug (1.5 points each) = 3 points
Total = 8 points


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