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He strikes again!!

Remember Idiot Number Three, well he struck again last week, sending the following email to the admin email address where I work:

I hate you!
I allways hated u the most!
I hope a giant rat lands on your head!

Amusing as it may seem to send that, I had something even more amusing for him in return, an account balance of 50 cents and turning on cost control…it was well timed actually, as I saw him today trying to access the internet and getting a “You have exceeded your download quota” message…a quick explanation and a laugh and I fixed it up for him….and for the other people who noticed and were critical of the cost control, I was monitoring his account balance and would have bumped it up a bit if it was going to run out before I got back and had a chance to talk to him.

And naturally, as we have a flat rate internet fee for students, cost control is irrelevant in the overall scheme of things…it is just a quick way to deny a person internet access but let them access the school website and email.


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Samuel’s LCA Video Update

Well, I don’t have the proper audio to work with, but I am working on the video anyway, getting it ready so that when I get the proper audio I can just place it in, perform a few little tweaks and release the video & DVD…which reminds me, I must email the LCA organisers about the audio…I think I’ll do that now.


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My Illness

Well, I had food poisoning and it wasn’t pleasant. I started to notice it on Sunday and was feeling pretty crook by the end of the day. On Monday I was very sick, very very sick in fact. Tuesday wasn’t much better, I was bed ridden for most of Monday and Tuesday. I was able to get up and move about a bit on Wednesday, but not much, my head still hurt. Thursday and Friday saw me mostly recovered, the weekend was a bit better and now I am almost 100%.

Memo to self: Write down 1000 times “Always heat food properly”


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