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Why was that roof not secured?

It is one of the many questions I have about the attempted assassination of former US president Donald Trump over the weekend. Why was that roof not secured?

Back in 2003, then-president George W. Bush visited Canberra. One of the places he visited was the Australian War Memorial. My high school is across the road from the Australian War Memorial and the roof of the building is probably a little bit further away from where President Bush went than the distance the shooter was from Donald Trump. And yet, arrangements were made for school to end early that day, at lunch time if my memory is accurate, with extra buses put on to get the students out and with staff expected to be off the premises shortly thereafter. This was so that Secret Service had time to fully sweep and secure the buildings and put snipers on the roof.

This was all done in a foreign country with a building which wasn’t really even an obvious security threat given fairly poor visibility from the school to the bits of the war memorial which the president was going to visit. And yet on home soil, a barn with direct line of sight was missed. It just doesn’t add up.

A lone police officer is reported to have climbed a ladder to investigate a report of a man on the roof, but retreated when a rifle was pointed at him. Why? What would make a police officer tasked with securing a political campaign event think it is in any way appropriate to back off from an unknown person who is armed with clear line of sight to the candidate?

There are some aspects of the news coverage which made me wonder if the news media was expecting some sort of big event. For example, Fox News was covering the rally live, which is not something Fox News normally does these days. Some smaller channels such as Newsmax normally do cover Trump rallies live, but Fox stopped doing that a long time ago. Here in Australia, Sky News just happened to have their chief news anchor on the air filling in as host of a show which he doesn’t normally host (he used to host it but that role was given to someone else this year). The major Australian commercial networks had their big name anchors taking over from the perfectly-capable weekend breakfast show hosts pretty quickly and ABC even had the host of their American-focused news and analysis program ready to co-host coverage. On a Sunday. The chances of all of that happening without coordination just don’t seem plausible.

I’m not saying the media knew there would be a shooting. But I am left wondering if someone knew this was planned and tipped off some parts of the media that there would be a major story breaking and they should have their top people ready to go. The very strange poor security adds to my questions about this.

Assuming this was more than just a lone nutter, I’m not singling out any particular group as being responsible as I can think of many reasons why people from all over the political spectrum might have wanted to do this. There are people who would have wanted the shooting to be successful and people who have wanted an unsuccessful shooting to occur. I have no reason to believe or dispel the notion that any of these things are possible.

What I will say is that I’m glad the shooting was not successful. I believe the US is in a low-grade civil war and has been for many years, and the world doesn’t need it escalating to a full-blown conflict, which is exactly what would have happened if the shooting had been successful.

I should also note that I am a trump supporter. The history of my posts here will show that he was not my first choice in the Republican pack in 2016 but he won me over and I thought his presidency, on balance, was a good thing, not perfect by any means but good, especially the work he did to return the US justice system to following the constitution by appointing judges who believe the constitution should be interpreted from an originalist perspective.

But regardless of what plays out politically from here on, I certainly hope we don’t see scenes like the one on the weekend again any time soon. Alas, if my fears about what went on to make this possible are in any way correct, I can’t imagine this being the last attempt.

I hope to be wrong.


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The Sunday Share: Songs which have been themes for talk radio: Alan Jones

Apologies for not getting around to a Sunday Share post over the last few weeks.

This week we resume the series with one of my favourites. Longtime top-rating Sydney breakfast radio host Alan Jones had the very distinctive opening instrumental portion of this song as his theme music. Although only played briefly a couple times per day, there was no doubting what show you were listening to when this came on.

Although actually I did get confused one morning when I was listening to Rush Limbaugh as he was on around the same time as Alan and sometimes used this as bumper music. In my half-awake mode at the time I was slightly confused as to which station I had tuned into and why Rush was filling in for Alan!

As for why it’s one of my favourite songs. I am in awe at the effortless power and range of Laura Branigan’s voice. A marvel of musical talent.


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Profiting from the favourites in the football correct score markets

Today I’m looking at the football correct score market and how the Real Money Staking system has been profitable throughout the Euro 2024 tournament, and how Easy Bet Bot Deluxe simplifies placing the bets. Plus a look at how some other sports would work with this staking plan.

Real Money Staking
Easy Bet Bot Deluxe


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Using Shorties Staking on Tennis

As a follow-up to last week’s video on Shorties Staking with horse racing and greyhound racing, today I explains how I have been using Shorties Staking on the tennis during the Wimbledon tournament. Plus a Quick Look at a free website and app I use to keep track of various sporting events.

Shorties Staking


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UK election circus is underway

Perhaps it’s a bit cynical of me, but then I have become quite jaded about politics, but it has become hard to consider most elections as anything more than a circus, where clowns get sent to some other part of the country under the banner of their ringmaster. It just seems that, no matter who wins, nothing much really changes. Sure, there are differences between the parties, but on 90% of issues they seem to broadly agree with each other…the main parties anyway.

Here in Australia we are fortunate to have a building which looks like a big tent. The National Circus!
You probably can't park there...
You probably can’t park there, but for a quick obligatory photo opportunity when the constabulary aren’t looking, who could possibly resist?

In the UK they aren’t quite so fortunate, although it is interesting that while they have Downing Street for the ringmaster of their circus, in Sydney we have the Downing Centre Local Court. Named after different people, but hard to ignore the similarity. Perhaps today the good British folk are sentencing someone to be incarcerated in Downing Street for five years. Perhaps that’s why people get frustrated when PMs quite early…they didn’t serve their full sentence!

One of the great things about British elections is the wonderful and very British sense of humour displayed by having Monster Raving Loony Party candidates in fancy dress. Such is the great tradition of it, that all manner of other candidates pop up in outlandish costumes without being Monster Raving Loony Party candidates. The great incentive to doing so is that, over there, it is a requirement that candidates all be present at the location where the returning officer will announce the results for that electorate, so you end up with scenes in local, national and even international media where a bunch of very solemn and serious-looking candidates are flanked by someone in an outrageous costume. At the last election, Ringmaster Boris was flanked by two of them!
Boris Johnson, Elmo, Count Binface
Boris Johnson, Elmo, and Count Binface. None of them were from the Monster Raving Loony Party but in years to come history might judge them all as if they were

I must say, I am amused by a few of the Monster Raving Loony Party policies at this election, such as

Immigration..We will replace employees of the Border Force with GP receptionists. This will dramatically reduce the number of people getting in.

Foreign Policy…Once in Government, we will replace the Foreign Secretary with a British one!

Self-Serving….. Anyone using a self-service till in a supermarket will be given a 10% discount off their shopping.

The last one almost seems sensible. Why shouldn’t I get paid for doing someone else’s job?

On a serious note, if the polls are to be believed, it is possible that the Conservatives may receive fewer votes overall than Nigel Farage’s Reform UK (previously known as the Brexit Party). While this might not equate to Reform having more seats than the Conservatives, it is quite an extraordinary circumstance that one of the two major parties might be about to slip out of majorhood for the first time in living memory. A sign, perhaps, that people want real change. Not just a change of the person in Number 10, but a wholesale change in how government works and is run. Time will tell.

I do sincerely wish the British people well with their voting. I’m not convinced it will really make that much difference, but despite my cynicism, I do hope they get a government which isn’t a circus and actually works the way the people want it to work.

So as the results trickle in late into Thursday night and Friday morning in the UK, or through the middle of a Friday in Australia, while I fear the only real change will be in the colour of the governing party and not a meaningful change in overall policy direction, I look forward to the spectacle of great and peculiar costumed people treating the election with the levity and derision it deserves. It is a highlight of the political calendar for me…and there aren’t a great many of those left these days. One can’t take it too seriously, lest one fear all hope is lost!


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Making the most of short-priced runners

Today I’m looking at how the Shorties Staking plan can be used to make the most of short-priced runners, with a particular focus on the favourite in the place market of British horse and greyhound races, although the system can be used on a much wider variety of sports and markets. While this is primarily a manual betting staking plan, I also look at ways to use automation to assist with it.

Shorties Staking plan
Easy Bet Bot Deluxe
Watch The Gap Bot


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