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Twitter Updates for 2012-03-31

  • ~10 million card numbers compromised MT “@FoxNews: #Breaking Visa, @MasterCard warn of 'massive' security breach #
  • Very very happy to have heard @Rex_Hunt perform the "fat lady singing" during the AFL today. I last heard it in 2009 when Rex was at 3AW. #
  • Quote of the day @Rex_Hunt "Melbourne's game plan has been as useful as a flywire screen on a submarine" #
  • Many thanks to @Rex_Hunt @SandyARoberts7 and Shane Crawford on AFL Live for the most fun I've had listening to AFL in years. #
  • @SonataLou Hi Helen. I didn't see you either. I'll be following you too. Great to hear from you. I hope all is well in Vegas 🙂 in reply to SonataLou #
  • Very happy to be working at a place which uses so much power that, when on generator, needs 90 litres of diesel per hour. No Earth Hour here #
  • @coffeyn would love to, but I need the ongoing employment. in reply to coffeyn #

March 31st, 2012 at 09:00pm

Quote Of The Day: Rex Hunt

I had a to clean up a lot of coffee after hearing Rex Hunt announce this during the AFL Live call of Melbourne V Brisbane this afternoon.

Melbourne’s game plan has been as useful as a flywire screen on a submarine

That, plus the return of Rex Hunt’s Fat Lady Singing (whom I have not heard since Rex’s 3AW days in 2009), and Rex’s great rapport with Sandy Roberts, made that an absolutely fantastic afternoon of radio listening for what was otherwise a fairly ordinary AFL match.

Rex, Sandy, and the AFL Live team at Crocmedia, you have made my day! Thank you.


March 31st, 2012 at 04:37pm

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-30

  • Kings Hwy will be closed over the Clyde for a couple hours in middle of the day Mon-Wed next week. Detours via Nowra, Bega, or delay trip. #
  • My bank recently posted a message on Facebook in support of Earth Hour. I felt compelled to respond. See it over the next few tweets… #
  • I will be turning lights and appliances on, in an effort to both offset the stress put on the power grid by the stupidity of people […] #
  • […] involved in Earth Hour, and to celebrate the amazing acomplishments and inventions of modern society which have been made […] #
  • […] possible by coal-fired power. I do hope that you're not spending much on administering this nonsense…I would hate to think that[…] #
  • […] my fees are being wasted on efforts to stop mythical man-made warming, instead of the provision of banking services. #
  • Completely agree RT @coffeyn Earth Hr is not some touchy-feely thing, but an eco-fascist political movement and I want NO part of it! in reply to coffeyn #
  • @audelhukyrore8 Dear Ms. Carter. An iPad would not have helped me to hear the AFL. Your iPad scam will not help the situation. Go away! in reply to audelhukyrore8 #
  • @SandyARoberts7 looking forward to hearing you with Rex online tomorrow. Will miss you tonight though due to work sadly. #

March 30th, 2012 at 09:00pm

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-29

  • I forgot how old these episodes of The Bill on 7two are. DCI Frank Burnside. Jack Meadows with hair. Nick and Cass pre-relationship. Wow. #
  • @s_dog Given the nature of the episode, "stabby" is probably quite appropriate. in reply to s_dog #
  • And now The Sweeney with John Thaw is on 7two. I didn't realise 7two had started showing The Sweeney again. A good late night of viewing 🙂 #
  • In more good news, Rex Hunt is calling three games this weekend for AFL Live. Thurs night Carl V Rich. Sat arvo Mel V Bris. Sun arvo WB V WC #
  • I'll be at work tonight, so I won't get to hear much of @Rex_Hunt calling his first AFL match of the season, but his other two calls, I will #
  • @kyliegillies has @larryemdur asked you to be a model on The Price Is Right? If not, why not? Blackmail might be on order… #

March 29th, 2012 at 09:00pm

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-28

  • Oh wow, I'm using almost 1GB per hour watching @GBTV. I'm glad to be a subscriber, and glad the advertisers are helping to pay the bills. #
  • No @morrison954 on @Radio2UE this morning. Does this means it's time to congratulate Jason Morrison and @HeidiTiltins on a birth? #
  • @Ghostwhotweet Can't say that I agree there. I'd like them do more news, but wouldn't mandate it, and certainly wouldn't mandate a news time in reply to Ghostwhotweet #
  • Is there something in the airline food causing crew hysteria? Plane captain ran the aisles screaming “Say your prayers” #
  • @larryemdur Any chance of a live sample of The Price Is Right on The Morning Show? Make Glenn your model and give away an Ab Circle Pro! #
  • @trevorlong @morrison954 it's official now? That's great! in reply to trevorlong #
  • Looks like it's happened. Don't have details, but congratulations to @morrison954 and @HeidiTiltins on the birth of their baby. #
  • Spotted a lefty wearing an"obey" shirt. Makes @glennbeck's "I Will Not Comply" shirts an even better idea than I originally thought. #
  • @jamesrob they were handing out lefty pamphlets. I couldn't fit that detail in the original tweet. in reply to jamesrob #

March 28th, 2012 at 09:00pm

Congratulations Jason Morrison and Heidi Tiltins on their first born child: Charles Edward

Jason Morrison, Heidi Tiltins, and their two dogs (image credit: Tim Hunter, Sydney Confidential, The Daily Telegraph
Jason Morrison and Heidi Tiltins with their two dogs some months ago.
Image credit Tim Hunter, Sydney Confidential, The Daily Telegraph)

A big congratulations to Jason Morrison and Heidi Tiltins who today had their first child. Charles Edward Morrison (Morrison, Tiltins or both? I’m not entirely sure Edit: confirmed as a Morrison) was born today weighing 3.62kg. Jason’s radio station 2UE is reporting that Heidi and Charles are doing well, but Jason’s a bit worse for wear.

I was expecting that this would happen today when Jason didn’t turn up on the radio this morning, especially given that he has been talking about it all week.

Congratulations Jason and Heidi, may Charles bring you lots of joy for many many years to come. I suppose the next challenge is going to be introducing the dogs to their new mini-master. Good luck with that one! I’m really happy for you both…it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple.


March 28th, 2012 at 03:21pm

School zones

An email to 2UE’s Stuart Bocking, who is filling in for Jason Morrison on the Breakfast show this morning

Good morning Stuart, nice to hear you on a weekday again.

About the proposal to make school zones be in force 24/7. I can't see any point to it. There is no good reason to have a school zone in force when there are no kids around. In NSW the system makes sense as the school zones are in force around the times that children are likely to enter and exit the school grounds, and portable school zones exist around stopped school buses…it's much more sensible than the blanket 8:30am-4pm school zones we have in Canberra where various busy roads are slowed down for no good reason in the middle of the day when kids are in classrooms.

I like the idea of having flashing lights at all school zones, but what I would like to see is the ability to have the school zones be in force at times requested by the school, so for example if the school has an after-school program they could keep the school zone active for an extra hour or so in the afternoon, or if the school will have a class go on an excursion where they have to cross the road out the front, the school zones could be turned on while they do that. This might even be useful if schools ever decide to change their operating hours independently of other schools. Flashing lights would certainly make this easier.

I would also like to see school zones monitored by signposted point-to-point speed cameras so that motorists know that speeding in the school zone WILL result in them being caught and fined. This would hopefully free up police to monitor other roads and perform their other duties, and mean that we require less speed cameras elsewhere because we have more available police.

Have a great day Stuart.

P.S. Is Jason "expecting" this morning? I'm sure the rumour mill is in overdrive due to his absence.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

March 28th, 2012 at 06:42am

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-26

  • RT @toddstarnes ACLU is in neighborhood seeking support — I told the kid I don't support anti-American organizations. #
  • I should do that with the Earth Hour fundraisers @toddstarnes. At the least it would make them stop and look confused. I doubt they'll think #
  • Workers comp in NSW. @morrison954 @barryofarrell there are ways to simplify system and reduce overheads without cutting payouts too much… #
  • Workers comp in NSW: @morrison954 @barryofarrell but you can see the union scare campaign a mile off. Glad it's Barry and not me fighting it #
  • What's this nonsense on the news about the fed gov spending $100,000+ on focus groups who think ANZAC Day is politically incorrect? Idiots! #
  • @morrison954 FYI, unleaded petrol 146.9 in Canberra #
  • Obama's been rambling about not having nuclear weapons. Hopefully this isn't a "lead the world" moment because the bad guys won't follow. #
  • If we give up our nukes and the bad guys don't (and they won't) then we are effectively surrendering. Nuclear standoff is the best deterrent #
  • WIN TV have walked away from the Freeview alliance. I hope others follow. Freeview has only added confusion to the industry. #

March 26th, 2012 at 09:00pm

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-25

  • I was expecting a good night for Queensland, but they had a great night instead. LNP currently have 75 seats, ALP 6, KAP 2, other 2. TBC 4. #
  • Campbell Newman, Premier-elect of Queensland easily winning Ashgrove. Opposition Leader-elect Anna Bligh will retain Sth Brisbane narrowly. #
  • What are the chances are of the wave of conservative victories across the country extending to the ACT election? Hopeful, but not confident. #
  • RT @morrison954: Will @GWS_Giants kick more goals than the ALP will win seats in Queensland? That's the real contest tonight! #
  • It looks like Labor will take more seats than @gws_giants kicked goals. GWS 5 goals. Labor 6 or 7 seats, Good or bad result @morrison954? in reply to morrison954 #
  • NRL referee Tim Mander has won the seat of Everton for the LNP. I didn't know that Tim oversees the school chaplaincy program. Good on him! #
  • There's something wrong with the ABC's chamber graphic. It's missing heaps of people. ABC computer can't handle absence of Greens? #
  • I see that @RepPaulRyan will be on @FoxNewsSunday this weekend. That should be good. I think Paul Ryan will be the key to GOP victory in Nov #
  • I saw a "Don't mess with Israel" bumper sticker in Dickson. I should get one of those. #
  • @NRL_Bulldogs @krissyistormy the match is live on radio. Streaming at from 3pm in reply to NRL_Bulldogs #
  • RT @abcnews: Anna Bligh says she is standing aside as leader of the Queensland ALP and resigning from Parliament #
  • Anna Bligh may be right to step aside as Labor leader, but to quit her seat the day after she won it?? That's an insult to the electorate. #
  • RT @australian: TONY Abbott says he will call a double dissolution election if he is unable to repeal in government…” #
  • In about two hours from now, Dr. Tom Ball discusses the politicisation of climate science on Coast To Coast AM. 5pm-8pm Canberra time… #
  • …@coasttocoastam free streaming at and others, or commercial-free with subscription at #
  • Make that Dr. Tim Ball. My fingers, although small, are too big for the iPhone keyboard. #
  • How long until TV news catches up? RT @2GBNews: A man has been shot dead by police near the busy food court at Westfield Parramatta. #2GB #

March 25th, 2012 at 09:00pm

Samuel’s Musicians Of The Week: Sneaky Sound System

This is one that I’ve been planning on running for a while. I tend to have trouble picking my favourite Sneaky Sound System song, usually struggling to pick from 16, Because Of You People Think I’m Crazy, Kansas City, and the song I am featuring this week (there also happens to be a few songs from this group which I like, but not as much as the ones I just mentioned, and then some which I simply can not stand…it’s funny how that all works).

The song which I am featuring this week is one which I have played loudly in the car more times than I care to count. Almost no trip to Deniliquin has been complete without it and it has nicely filled the void between areas without 3G mobile reception out that way a few times. It was also given a good run on my way back to Deniliquin from Shepparton one night in March, 2009 after I had seen a movie at a cinema in Shepparton.

Anyway, the reason I decided on this song and not one of the aforementioned songs is that, a few weeks ago, as I was driving in to work, I was listening to The Sean Hannity Show (or maybe it was Mark Levin, to be honest I’m not entirely sure now) and heard him take a call from a caller in Portland, Oregon, who was listening through KUFO-AM. I hadn’t realised before this that there was a station with the callsign KUFO…it’s such a great callsign, and I thought there was a lot of potential in it. I figured that with a callsign like that, it had to be an affiliate of Coast To Coast AM, which specialises in discussions about UFOs, aliens and other unusual phenomena…alas, I checked, and it isn’t, which is a real shame as there is a whole heap of imaging which could be built around that callsign for that show.

In my attempt to check if KUFO is an affiliate of Coast To Coast AM, I went to type KUFO in to the search box on the Coast To Coast website and accidentally left off the K, which naturally resulted in the search being for UFO. This produced a lot of results, but in amongst the results were a few mentions of bumper music used during particular episodes of the show. As would be expected, the song which I’m featuring this week, Sneaky Sound System’s “UFO” has been used as bumper music a few times on Coast To Coast AM, most recently on an episode entitled “UFO Year In Review” on December 27, 2009. In this show, the song was used as bumper music leading in to the hard break (a break which airs at a set time, and which the program must accommodate, unlike other breaks which “float” and can be taken whenever they seem to fit the show, within certain time constraints) at the bottom of the first hour.

Download MP3
(h/t Premiere Radio Networks. The more recently archived shows have higher quality audio available to subscribers. This episode’s subscriber replay audio comes from their older, lower-quality streams)

It’s a pity that it was used leading in to a break and not out of a break, because songs get a longer run on Coast To Coast coming out of a break. Still, it’s great that such an aptly titled song gets a run on this show.

Enough of the back story; on with the song. Here is the video clip for the radio edit of the song (I can’t decide whether I prefer the radio edit or the full version, but the video is only on the radio edit so I’ll run with that). My favourite part of the video is the alien creatures which appear in the second half…they always give me a good chuckle.

I just don’t wanna be lonely (lonely, lonely, lonely)
Cause the lights were shining ever so bright (bright, bright, bright)
In my hand there’s a pulse of my beating heart
I’m biting my tongue there’s a plastic man on the telephone
Can you see the bright light, shining, I don’t know
Can you see the bright light, shining, shining….

I saw a UFO but nobody believes me (believes me, believes me, believes me)
I was 16 miles from home with nobody in sight (sight, sight, sight)
I saw a UFO but nobody believes me (believes me, believes me, believes me)
(oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh)
(tonight) And what’s it gonna take to get me back home tonight
(oh oh oh, oh oh oh)

Can you see the bright light, shining, I don’t know (don’t know, don’t know)
And is it a reflection of anyone, the big glow (glow, glow, glow)
And tell me this is all good, and you say, I don’t know (know, know)
I’m very, very far from home (home, home, home)

I saw a UFO but nobody believes me (believes me, believes me, believes me)
I was 16 miles from home with nobody in sight (sight, sight, sight)
I saw a UFO but nobody believes me (believes me, believes me, believes me)
(oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh)
(tonight) And what’s it gonna take to get me back home tonight
(oh oh oh, oh oh oh)
(tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight) (hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello)
(hello, hello, hello, hello, hello)
(hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello)
(hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello)

I saw a UFO but nobody believes me
I was 16 miles from home with nobody in sight (sight, sight, sight)
I saw a UFO but nobody believes me (believes me, believes me, believes me)
And what’s it gonna take to get me back home tonight
(tonight, tonight, tonight) (oh, oh, oh)

And what’s it gonna take to
And what’s it gonna take to
And what’s it gonna
And what’s it gonna
And what’s it gonna take to

And what’s it gonna take to (tonight, tonight)
And what’s it gonna take to (oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh)
(tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight) And what’s it gonna take to get me back home tonight
(tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight)


March 25th, 2012 at 06:10pm

Queensland election

An email to 2UE’s John Kerr

Good morning John,

That sure was a big win for Campbell Newman and the Liberal National Party in Queensland. I was expecting a big win, but this was even bigger than I thought it would be. It actually put me out a little as normally, even in an election which has a clear result quite early, the speeches don't start until after 9pm, so my plan was to watch the end of the AFL and then focus on the election and the speeches. Instead, I had to switch away from a rather uninteresting AFL match to watch the speeches…it's a good thing the AFL game wasn't very interesting.

I'm pleased to see Campbell Newman win. An exit poll showed that 44% of voters were very concerned about the carbon tax, so I think there is definitely a message for the federal government in this result, even though the election was largely decided on state issues. I hope that Mr. Newman takes his massive majority and hits the ground running, following through on his promises quickly…with that large a victory, he owes Queenslanders that much. I was also pleased to see former NRL referee Tim Mander win a seat. He has done great work with the school chaplaincy program, and it's good to see him take a step up to serve people on a larger scale.

From a national perspective, I now hope that the mining states of Queensland and Western Australia, along with the Liberal-run states of New South Wales and Victoria join forces to battle the mining tax in court on behalf of the residents of those states. It's bad enough that we have a pointless tax on air…we certainly don't need a tax on dirt.

Have a great week John. I'm working nights next week, so I might be able to give you a call after work next week. Unfortunately I have to go to bed now, but I'll be listening until I doze off.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

March 25th, 2012 at 02:10am

The Kony nonsense, and the great election outcome in Queensland

An email to 2GB’s Glenn Wheeler

G’day Glenn,

You’re absolutely right about the strange bloke behind the Kony video. His so-called charity has one of the worst ratings of all the charities for the percentage of donated funds which actually goes towards charitable activities. Also, did you see the story about how the people who are victims of Kony are offended by the campaign, as they say it is dreadful to try and make Kony famous and put his name on t-shirts etc, regardless of the cause.

Anyway, on to other matters, it’s great to see a good man like Campbell Newman lead a good group of conservatives to power in Queensland. Labor and the Greens suffered strong swings against them, so I think there is a message in this for the federal government and their amazing taxes on air and dirt. State issues were obviously the big issue, but it’s pretty clear that the mining states don’t appreciate these big taxes.

Have a great week Glenn…and good luck to your Sharks tonight…I see they’re in the lead now.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

March 24th, 2012 at 10:45pm

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-24

  • @BretBaier Have a great holiday Bret. Any chance you can visit Australia and set up an Aussie Fox News Channel? Call it a "working holiday"! in reply to BretBaier #
  • Looks like it's going to be a big conservative win RT @GhostWhoVotes: #Newspoll QLD State Primary Votes: ALP 28 (-2) LNP 50 (+3) #qldvotes #
  • Busy night tonight. NRL on radio, AFL on TV & radio. QLD election online, then some English Premier League around midnight. #
  • My QLD election prediction (as requested by @coffeyn). LNP 70, Labor 11, KAP 5, other 3. I also predict Campbell Newman will keep his seat. #
  • Correction: Campbell Newman to WIN Ashgrove. He doesn't currently hold the seat, so keeping it would be problematic. #
  • I hope all the states do. RT @9NewsOnline: NSW may fight mining tax #
  • @afl the link in the match centre to the Crocmedia radio stream is broken. #
  • The link to the Crocmedia stream is still broken on the AFL website. The direct link is mms:// #
  • Conservatives win QLD election easily. Currently LNP 71, ALP 5, other 4. TBC 9. #
  • Campbell Newman is winning Ashgrove easily and will be QKD Premier. Anna Bligh currently behind in a tight contest for Sth Brisbane. #

March 24th, 2012 at 09:00pm

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-23

  • In my happy place watching old episodes of The Bill. Only Reg could be finding illegally imported tortoises while Smithy is held hostage. #
  • @Ghostwhotweet If you mean *on* the hour, then yes, all the AM talk stations and most AM music stations still do. The FMs do at times too. in reply to Ghostwhotweet #
  • I just realised that I have Garfield being emailed to me daily, and I haven't read it since September 2008. Time to catch up a month per day #
  • Yes, hope they gave you a nice big juicy steak, and lots of bacon. MT @Constable_Chuck "Does this mean I'm getting famous!" #
  • Sat night (Sun arvo In Australia) Dr. Tim Ball discusses how climate science has been politicised, on @coasttocoastam #
  • Oh c'mon Rick, surely you can't mean that. RT @Drudge_Report: SANTORUM SNAPS: OBAMA PREFERABLE TO ROMNEY! #
  • If he had, he would have seen that communism is against human nature. RT @timemanuelle: Karl Marx clearly never lived in a sharehouse. #
  • @Ghostwhotweet Likewise. Even with news on demand, it's nice to know there are places which provide a decent summary at a predictable time. in reply to Ghostwhotweet #

March 23rd, 2012 at 09:00pm

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-22

  • @nat_forrest Is there a theory as to why so many dogs have ended up at the pound. Surely Skyfire couldn't account for all of it, could it? in reply to nat_forrest #
  • @NRLgameplan I won't be home for the start of the show, but I'll record and watch when I get home. Don't want to miss John Morris. #
  • Malcolm Naden, who has been on the run for seven years, was arrested last night near Gloucester. @Radio2UE reports he is being held in Taree #
  • @nat_forrest it's sad that people do that. My littlest pup is a handful, but I couldn't imagine sending her away. in reply to nat_forrest #
  • Clever. RT @2GBNews: Malcolm Naden was captured after setting off infra-red sensors in a weekender in the Upper Hunter. #
  • Well if they didn't steal money regularly. RT @WSJ Sales from vending machines sank 11% to $42.2B between '07 and '10. #
  • The Mitt Romney sound bites that Rush played today sounded like Mitt had adapted @marklevinshow editorials. Levin may have even been quoted. #
  • The Romney clips were from his victory speech. Rush played them near the end of the first hour. #
  • If Mitt holds to this newly found conservatism, I might be able to be enthusiastic about supporting him. I'm still behind Santorum though. #
  • It's up to the courts now… RT @2GBNews: Malcolm Naden charged with murder, 2X indecent assault and shooting with intent to murder #
  • RT @FoxNews: Radio caller faces 2 felonies after bragging how she faked PTSD to avoid jury duty on air #
  • The police dog who caught Malcolm Naden. Special Constable Chuck (H/T @morrison954 ) #

March 22nd, 2012 at 09:00pm

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