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March 23rd, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • In my happy place watching old episodes of The Bill. Only Reg could be finding illegally imported tortoises while Smithy is held hostage. #
  • @Ghostwhotweet If you mean *on* the hour, then yes, all the AM talk stations and most AM music stations still do. The FMs do at times too. in reply to Ghostwhotweet #
  • I just realised that I have Garfield being emailed to me daily, and I haven't read it since September 2008. Time to catch up a month per day #
  • Yes, hope they gave you a nice big juicy steak, and lots of bacon. MT @Constable_Chuck "Does this mean I'm getting famous!" #
  • Sat night (Sun arvo In Australia) Dr. Tim Ball discusses how climate science has been politicised, on @coasttocoastam #
  • Oh c'mon Rick, surely you can't mean that. RT @Drudge_Report: SANTORUM SNAPS: OBAMA PREFERABLE TO ROMNEY! #
  • If he had, he would have seen that communism is against human nature. RT @timemanuelle: Karl Marx clearly never lived in a sharehouse. #
  • @Ghostwhotweet Likewise. Even with news on demand, it's nice to know there are places which provide a decent summary at a predictable time. in reply to Ghostwhotweet #

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