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  • @coffeyn Sometimes my iPhone stops talking over 3G. Putting it in "Airplane mode" for 5-10 sec fixes it, but then again so does a reboot. in reply to coffeyn #
  • @coffeyn Good luck with it. I hope you don't have to restore the iPad to factory settings as I find that to be more annoying than the fault in reply to coffeyn #
  • @2GBAndrewMoore I had a macaroni, bacon and shallots pie from Elaine's Pies in Dickson yesterday. Today is a good day for pie, or 3.14 pies. in reply to 2GBAndrewMoore #
  • @markparton Tony Abbott is certainly more interesting than Bob Carr who is doing the rounds of breakfast TV today. in reply to markparton #
  • @daniel_prime7 more police officers on the road, not more fixed speed cameras, although avg speed camera might help other side of b'wood. in reply to daniel_prime7 #
  • @larryemdur I used to disturb my friends with the idea of 1900 SAMUEL. "I'm waiting for you in my bath tub…" in reply to larryemdur #
  • @Radio2UE CO2 levels might be on the rise, but temperatures are not. Climate models only prove man-made warming if BOTH levels go up. in reply to Radio2UE #
  • And who pays for "free or subsidised"? Taxpayers! Useless scheme. “@actgovernment: New energy efficiency law to cut household energy bills” #
  • @actgovernment Further, if people want insulation, they can buy it themselves. We don't need a repeat of the lethal fed pink bats scheme. #
  • @toddstarnes that's because MSNBC see themselves as better than blue collar, and know they're being condescending when they use the term. in reply to toddstarnes #
  • @TonyAbbottMHR Why was Craig Thomson granted a pair? He doesn't deserve it, and you should be using the numbers to block new taxes. #
  • “@Drudge_Report: Russia to finally send man to Moon…” symbolically bad if Russians & Chinese take over space from US. #
  • I just realised that Uniball pens are from Japan. The Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Is there anything Mitsubishi don't make? #
  • Rick Santorum won Alabama and leads in Mississippi. A good night for him, and Romney is picking up a decent number of delegates too. #
  • I think the eventual GOP winner will be decided by Gingrich. He stays in, splits Santorum's vote & Romney wins. Gets out and Santorum wins. #
  • Listening to live @foxnewsradio coverage of GOP votes on @953MNC #
  • Today is Pi Day (maths, not food) so I'm celebrating with a steak & mushroom pie from Elaine's Pies in Dickson…not 3.14 of them though… #
  • I do agree with Newt Gingrich though that if he can hang in there until the convention, then he could win it. #
  • @toddstarnes As Rush said, this is free air time, they won't make short speeches if they lose as they want to win next vote. in reply to toddstarnes #
  • @KaterineBlazier in what capacity? in reply to KaterineBlazier #
  • The thing that annoys me most about clothes shopping is the music these stores play. I would pay extra in a store which had talk radio on. #
  • @953MNC @foxnewsradio thanks for the coverage. I look forward to @caseythehost's analysis in the morning. in reply to 953MNC #
  • @ACTPol_Traffic @2CC Traffic lights out in Fyshwick at the Newcastle St, Barrier St, Collie St intersections. #

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