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Twitter Updates for 2012-03-28

  • Oh wow, I'm using almost 1GB per hour watching @GBTV. I'm glad to be a subscriber, and glad the advertisers are helping to pay the bills. #
  • No @morrison954 on @Radio2UE this morning. Does this means it's time to congratulate Jason Morrison and @HeidiTiltins on a birth? #
  • @Ghostwhotweet Can't say that I agree there. I'd like them do more news, but wouldn't mandate it, and certainly wouldn't mandate a news time in reply to Ghostwhotweet #
  • Is there something in the airline food causing crew hysteria? Plane captain ran the aisles screaming “Say your prayers” #
  • @larryemdur Any chance of a live sample of The Price Is Right on The Morning Show? Make Glenn your model and give away an Ab Circle Pro! #
  • @trevorlong @morrison954 it's official now? That's great! in reply to trevorlong #
  • Looks like it's happened. Don't have details, but congratulations to @morrison954 and @HeidiTiltins on the birth of their baby. #
  • Spotted a lefty wearing an"obey" shirt. Makes @glennbeck's "I Will Not Comply" shirts an even better idea than I originally thought. #
  • @jamesrob they were handing out lefty pamphlets. I couldn't fit that detail in the original tweet. in reply to jamesrob #

March 28th, 2012 at 09:00pm

Congratulations Jason Morrison and Heidi Tiltins on their first born child: Charles Edward

Jason Morrison, Heidi Tiltins, and their two dogs (image credit: Tim Hunter, Sydney Confidential, The Daily Telegraph
Jason Morrison and Heidi Tiltins with their two dogs some months ago.
Image credit Tim Hunter, Sydney Confidential, The Daily Telegraph)

A big congratulations to Jason Morrison and Heidi Tiltins who today had their first child. Charles Edward Morrison (Morrison, Tiltins or both? I’m not entirely sure Edit: confirmed as a Morrison) was born today weighing 3.62kg. Jason’s radio station 2UE is reporting that Heidi and Charles are doing well, but Jason’s a bit worse for wear.

I was expecting that this would happen today when Jason didn’t turn up on the radio this morning, especially given that he has been talking about it all week.

Congratulations Jason and Heidi, may Charles bring you lots of joy for many many years to come. I suppose the next challenge is going to be introducing the dogs to their new mini-master. Good luck with that one! I’m really happy for you both…it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple.


March 28th, 2012 at 03:21pm

School zones

An email to 2UE’s Stuart Bocking, who is filling in for Jason Morrison on the Breakfast show this morning

Good morning Stuart, nice to hear you on a weekday again.

About the proposal to make school zones be in force 24/7. I can't see any point to it. There is no good reason to have a school zone in force when there are no kids around. In NSW the system makes sense as the school zones are in force around the times that children are likely to enter and exit the school grounds, and portable school zones exist around stopped school buses…it's much more sensible than the blanket 8:30am-4pm school zones we have in Canberra where various busy roads are slowed down for no good reason in the middle of the day when kids are in classrooms.

I like the idea of having flashing lights at all school zones, but what I would like to see is the ability to have the school zones be in force at times requested by the school, so for example if the school has an after-school program they could keep the school zone active for an extra hour or so in the afternoon, or if the school will have a class go on an excursion where they have to cross the road out the front, the school zones could be turned on while they do that. This might even be useful if schools ever decide to change their operating hours independently of other schools. Flashing lights would certainly make this easier.

I would also like to see school zones monitored by signposted point-to-point speed cameras so that motorists know that speeding in the school zone WILL result in them being caught and fined. This would hopefully free up police to monitor other roads and perform their other duties, and mean that we require less speed cameras elsewhere because we have more available police.

Have a great day Stuart.

P.S. Is Jason "expecting" this morning? I'm sure the rumour mill is in overdrive due to his absence.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

March 28th, 2012 at 06:42am


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