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Predicting the past will make your accuracy rating look better

I suspect that more than a few people will be very confused today, as their dubious daily guidance from will be less helpful than usual.'s prediction for Gemini on the 4th of March, 2012

It’s a bit hard to see in that screenshot of the page, so I have blown up the relevant section. See if you can spot the problem.'s prediction for Gemini on the 4th of March, 2012

Did you spot it? If not, take a closer look at the second sentence.

Much of what will come to pass in 2004 is dependent on Jupiter’s movement[..]

In 2004?? But it’s 2012 now. Does this mean that a planetary alignment is going to catapult me back eight years? That wouldn’t be a terrible thing as 2004 was pretty good to me, but if it’s OK with the great fraud astrologer Dadichi (sorry, should I have crossed out the other word? Oops) who runs the website, I think I’ll stay in 2012.

Oh, and Dadichi, if you’re going to recycle predictions because you’re too lazy to write new gibberish, then the least you could do is cover your track by fixing the dates.

I will give Dadichi credit for one thing though. At least he doesn’t recycle the same predictions every week or two like 2UE’s Sharyn O’Hare (Sharina, for those of you who didn’t know).

By the way, on the subject of so-called psychics and astrologers, if you’re familiar with Karen Moregold (she’s a regular on Seven’s The Morning Show) imagine the title of this blog post being spoken by her as I had her voice in mind when I wrote it.


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