Twitter Updates for 2012-03-29 Quote Of The Day: Rex Hunt

Twitter Updates for 2012-03-30

March 30th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • Kings Hwy will be closed over the Clyde for a couple hours in middle of the day Mon-Wed next week. Detours via Nowra, Bega, or delay trip. #
  • My bank recently posted a message on Facebook in support of Earth Hour. I felt compelled to respond. See it over the next few tweets… #
  • I will be turning lights and appliances on, in an effort to both offset the stress put on the power grid by the stupidity of people […] #
  • […] involved in Earth Hour, and to celebrate the amazing acomplishments and inventions of modern society which have been made […] #
  • […] possible by coal-fired power. I do hope that you're not spending much on administering this nonsense…I would hate to think that[…] #
  • […] my fees are being wasted on efforts to stop mythical man-made warming, instead of the provision of banking services. #
  • Completely agree RT @coffeyn Earth Hr is not some touchy-feely thing, but an eco-fascist political movement and I want NO part of it! in reply to coffeyn #
  • @audelhukyrore8 Dear Ms. Carter. An iPad would not have helped me to hear the AFL. Your iPad scam will not help the situation. Go away! in reply to audelhukyrore8 #
  • @SandyARoberts7 looking forward to hearing you with Rex online tomorrow. Will miss you tonight though due to work sadly. #

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