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Those of you who have keen eyesight or subscribe to my atom feed will have noticed that I now have “Samuel’s Coffee-cup-o-meter”, this is a measurement of how much coffee I drink each day. For the purposes of this, a standard mug (no measurements, just what I consider standard) counts as one point, a shop coffee (Cappuccino is what I usually have) is one point, on the rare occasion that I have Iced Coffee, that is one point…and for those of you who are thinking “right, everything is one point, gotcha” well, you’re wrong. I usually have a thermos of coffee and a travel mug with me, a half full travel mug is about the same as one standard mug, and as such gets one point, a 75%ish full travel mug attracts 1.5 points, and a 90%+ full travel mug attracts 2 points. I usually carry enough coffee for two 75%ish coffee’s, but sometimes have more.

“Now you know”


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People trying to censor my blog.

This is just weird. I had a comment today from somebody suggesting that I “shouldn’t make that kind of comment” in relation to my Friday the 13th post, in particular, the “Idiot number three” section.

Isn’t it just wonderful that some people think that I shouldn’t be able to express my own opinion, I pointed out to this person that “It is my blog and my opinion” and that “I might consider them to be an idiot on one day and not another, that is my choice, and it is my right to say that.”

I didn’t point this out, but if the person is reading this then they can read it anyway. If you don’t like something I say, you have every right to call me an idiot, to reply with comments, and to dress in an orange tutu and dance down the street with signs saying “Samuel Is Wrong”…that is your choice…however, I have a right to express my opinion, and if you don’t agree, fine you don’t have to, but you don’t have the right to stop me from saying it.


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It seems that isn’t reading HTML emails properly any more, which forces me to use the web interface. Not ideal, but I guess it will do the job for now. Don’t expect it to slow me down though 🙂


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