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ABC radio advertising on commercial television

666 ABC Canberra are advertising their breakfast program during prime time on commercial television….These people can get as much free advertising as they want on ABC TV, but they spend taxpayers money on this…I can’t see how it benefits them, it’s not as if ratings are important to them, after all they don’t have advertisers who crave ratings, and they aren’t funded on a per rating point basis, and The Friends Of The ABC certainly wouldn’t let the federal government close down an ABC radio station because of ratings.

Of course, not only are the ads appearing during expensive hours, but they also look fairly expensive…All this money going to the TV stations and not the hospitals…To quote Mr John Stanley “Oh Dear”.

I think I’ll give them a piece of my mind tomorrow morning, and time permitting, bring it up on the better breakfast program (2CC Mike Jefferys).


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According to two bits of identical spam I received, my eBay account has been suspended….Oh well, never mind, it’s not as if I ever used it….I didn’t even know I had it!

The spammers did get one thing right though, my account was suspended because I omitted my name, address & phone number (including phone numbers which have been disconnected).

They didn’t think the email through though…They wanted me to verify a suspended account…In most cases the spammers try to hide the real URL to some extent, but not this one, I hovered on it and found that it would send me to (I’m not making a link out of it for obvious reasons).


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Samuel’s Coffee-cup-o-meter

Monday: 6 Cups

3 x Standard Mug (1 point each) = 3 Cups
2 x 75%ish Travel Mug (1.5 points each) = 3 Cups
Total = 6 Cups


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