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Canberra Radio Ratings: Survey 2, 2005

Alrighty then, Nielsen have put their report up on the web here and I’ve summarised it all below. Unfortunately Nielsen don’t release detailed reports to the public for regional areas (Yep, Canberra is regional in radio), so we will just have to make do with overall results.

The general trend is for losses by the AM stations and gains by the FM stations. Interestingly, FM 104.7 managed to take over the top spot from Mix 106.3, the survey was undertaken from October 9 to November 5.

The results are as follows:

  1. FM 104.7 21.0% Up from 18.4&
  2. MIX 106.3 20.7% Down from 20.9%
  3. 666ABC 17.6% Down from 18.0%
  4. JJJ 8.5% Up from 7.1%
  5. ABC CLASSIC FM 7.0% Up from 6.9%
  6. 2CC 6.8% Down from 7.7%
  7. RADIO NATIONAL 6.7% Down from 8.1%
  8. 2CA 4.4% Down from 5.3%
  9. NEWS RADIO 2.5% Down from 2.6%


November 17th, 2005 at 05:14pm

Canberra Radio Ratings

Survey 2 for Canberra Radio has been released, with FM 104.7 taking top spot from Mix 106.3, both 666 ABC Canberra and 2CC recorded losses, as did 2CA and radio national. The general trend was a loss across the AM band and gains on the FM band, which isn’t exactly what I wanted to see, but it is interesting none the less.

I’ll wait for Nielsen to release the full details before running a more comprehensive story on the issue.


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