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The Dickson College Year 12 Breakfast

This morning at 8am, Dickson College held their annual year 12 breakfast (with no sign of the annual Canberra Times journalist). Rather than catching a bus to the event, I decided to walk (I took Nattie for her morning walk around 6am), I left home at about 7:15 and arrived at 7:55. When I got to the event, the canteen manager made an unexpected comment, she announced that she had heard me on the John Laws show the other day (I received a similar comment later in the day, and earlier in the week by email), this prompted a discussion between people who were in the vicinity at the time about Van Nguyen and the phone call.

The breakfast itself was quite good, with plenty of nice food, I personally had a slice of toast, some bacon, scambled egg, a croissant and a hash brown. This is quite a large breakfast for me, considering that I usually settle for a couple slices of toast or a bowl of cereal, but I did work up a bit of an appetite with the 30 minute dog walk and a 40 minute walk to the college. The breakfast also had a somewhat traditional speech from a former student, unfortunately this speech was neither motivational, uplifting or particularly interesting, but that’s just my view, it did appear that quite a few people genuinely enjoyed the speech, personally I was wishing he was a talkback caller and I could just cut him off, but alas I had to listen, fortunately the breakfast had coffee.

I received a large shipment of Ubuntu Linux 5.10 CDs for x86, Power PC and 64 Bit platforms yesterday and took to distributing them to people who would be able to find a good use for them, people who are genuinely interested in Linux and Open Source Software. During the day I met my former boss who admitted to breaking the network with no way of fixing it, that was amusing.

I also managed to get Stargate Atlantis series 1 & enough of series 2 to tide me over until Channel 7 decided to screen it again, thankfully this means I will not have to wait for Channel 7 programming to allow me to see if and how the team manage to save Atlantis from the Wraith.

Overall the day, and the breakfast, were very good, and I must say it is very nice of the Dickson College staff to hold this function every year.


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Retirement, Thunderstorms and Outside Broadcasts

Looking at the weather report for the Canberra Retirement Expo, I am somewhat convinced that Capital Radio Network Outside Broadcasts (which in this case are defined as “any broadcast by a Capital Radio Network station which takes place from a location other than a Capital Radio Network building”) attract thunderstorms. Take a look at the current weather report (at time of posting) for the retirement expo.
Weather Report for the retirement expo
Image courtesy of The Weather Company
As you can see, the two days on which 2CC are broadcasting from the expo, thunderstorms are predicted. Yesterday the weather report was for thunderstorms on only one of those days, but as it draws closer, more storms are expected.

This may seem like a coincidence, but I clearly recall a 2CA outside broadcast at Floriade a few years back where thunder was clearly audible over the airwaves. It was actually fun comparing the time that I hear the thunder at home and the time it came over the radio.

Mike Welsh, who will be at the Retirement Expo on Friday thinks I’m “drawing a long bow”, and he is probably right, but it is an interesting coincidence.

In other related news, whilst I was having lunch in Dickson, 2CC’s Mike Frame (who heard me on the John Laws show the other morning and will be at the Retirement Expo on Saturday) was walking past and stopped to say hello before going off to play lawn bowls. I remember playing lawn bowls as a school activity in year 8, it was good fun, and it truly is a sport which I would highly recommend.


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Some accounts and comments deleted

After some careful thought and consideration, I have decided that the recent spate of users with similar names and similar fascinations with tea towels and stories of people being killed by flying plants, is suspicious to say the least. The way some of the discussions turned into strange cupcake discussions is mildly disturbing.

In a post about my editorial policy last month, I stated

And finally, as previously mentioned, this I my website, and I shall have the final word on what is, and is not acceptable, on this site. I do not guarantee that the same thing will be applicable to each and every person who comes here, as certain people are, in my view, more welcome here than others. Your ability to leave comments here is a privilege, not a right, so treat it as such.

I am now highly convinced that the recent comments were by one person using multiple usernames and a public proxy for the sole purpose of being silly. Most of these comments have been removed, as have the accounts in question. I fear that I may have accidentally deleted a legitimate account, if that is the case you will need to reregister, I apoligise for the inconvenience.

I would really prefer to not have to delete users and comments, but sometimes I have no choice, and when I take this action, it is not something that I take lightly.


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