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New Day Christmas Function on same day as Formal

Last week I found out that the Dickson College year 12 formal is on the same day as the New Day Australia Christmas function which I;ve discussed before. I’ve already booked for the New Day function, and I don’t think I would really have enjoyed the formal all that much anyway…especially seeing as I don’t like modern music (with the exclusion of Schnappi) much and it shouldn’t take much to guess what everyone else will want to hear…

The bus back from Sydney leaves at 6PM on that day, so even if I wanted to attend both I wouldn’t be able to…I could do without the $85 expense for the formal followed by extras such as formal hire etc.

I’m very happy with my decision and I’m looking forward to meeting John Kerr at the function.


6 comments November 10th, 2005 at 05:44pm

Kane has left the building

It’s official, Kane Bond has left 2CC, Kevin Woolfe (filling in for Mike Jeffreys) revealed it yesterday, and a phone call today confirmed it.

2CC listeners have known he was going for a while, and those of us who subscribe to have suspected it for nearly a month due to an ad for his job.

I must admit that I will miss Kane. He was a very good producer, and nobody could run the Saturday morning show the way he did. He was a friendly voice on the phone who was often happy to have a chat. I didn’t agree with everything he said, although I generally don’t agree with everything anybody says, but he often had a good point and made it very well.

2CC have lost a great talent in Kane, he was one of those people who could make a show go smoother, and he was almost always able to get great interviews lined up for Mike Welsh.

Not everyone liked Kane, there were some things I didn’t like about him, but that’s the same with everyone. There are things I dislike in the people I like the most, and there are things I like in the people I hate. Overall Kane was a very nice person with a lot of skill, although I think he showed it in person more than he did on radio. Kane is somebody I will never forget.

Good luck Kane, whatever you do I wish you all the best…one day I’m sure I will see or hear your name somewhere and be able to say “I remember when Kane was at 2CC”.


November 10th, 2005 at 05:01pm

2CC Off The Air

I think the 2CC Transmitter just died. During the 3PM news 2CC just disappeared from all of my radios, leaving static, which indicates a transmitter problem and not a studio fault. I am still able to pick up every other AM station, including 2CC’s sister station the next studio 2CA.

I’ve rung 2CC to inform them, I’m probably not the only one….I am however holding out hope that this is a problem which has only happened in my house…John B1_B5, can you recieve them?

Update: At 3:15 they have fixed it, starting with some music and then cutting to an ad break.


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The Missing Schoolbag

Last night I had another odd dream, this time I was in class. This class was in a room which looked a lot like my Year 1 classroom, and had a cupboard room attached to it which I recognise but can’t work out where I’ve seen it before.

Anyway, the class ended and I went to collect my schoolbag from the pile of schoolbags…it wasn’t there, so I went into the cupboard room and asked the teacher (who just happened to be my year 11 English teacher) if he had seen it, which he hadn’t.

I walked out into the corridor (for some reason the doorway was one door up from where my year 1 classroom really was) and looked into the classroom when I realised I hadn’t brought my schoolbag with me to school, which didn’t make sense as I had my pen in my hand…


November 10th, 2005 at 01:20pm


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