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Schnappi down to 36th

That’s a large drop, Schnappi is down from 23rd to 36th on the ARIA singles chart this week.

November 13th, 2005 at 11:35pm

Samuel’s Musician Of The Week

This week’s Musician Of The Week award goes to Tom T. Hall, who would have to be one of my favourite country singers. I’ve enjoyed listening to various songs of his in an effort to decide which song to make the feature song, and I have finally (after about half an hour of decision making), chosen A Week In A Country Jail. It was a tough choice as he has so many fantastic songs, some of which include I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew, Ballad Of Forty Dollars, I Like Beer, Pamela Brown & That Lucky Old Sun, anyway here is the feature song of the week.

One time I spent a week inside a little country jail
And I don’t guess I’ll ever live it down
I was sittin’ at a red light when these two men came and got me
And said that I was speeding through their town

Well, they said,”Tomorrow morning you can see the judge then go.”
They let me call one person on the phone
I thought I’d be there overnight so I just called my boss
To tell him I’d be off but not for long

Well, they motioned me inside a cell with seven other guys
One little barred up window in the rear
My cellmates said if they had let me bring some money in
We ought to send the jailer for some beer

Well, I had to pay him double ’cause he was the man in charge
And the jailer’s job was not the best in town
Later on his wife brought hot bologna, eggs and gravy
The first day I was there I turned it down

Well, next morning they just let us sleep but I was up real early
Wonderin’ when I’d get my release
Later on we got more hot bologna, eggs and gravy
And by now I wasn’t quite so hard to please

Two days later when I thought that I had been forgotten
The sheriff came in chewin’ on a straw
He said, “Where is the guy who thinks that this is Indianapolis?
I’d like to talk to him about the law.”
Well, I told him who I was and told him I was working steady
And I really should be gettin’ on my way
That part about me bein’ who I was did not impress him
He said, “The judge’ll be here any day.”

The jailer had a wife and let me tell you she was awful
But she brought that hot bologna every day
And after seven days she got to lookin’ so much better
I asked her if she’d like to run away

The next mornin’ that old judge took every nickel that I had
And he said, “Son, let this teach you not to race.”
The jailer’s wife was smilin’ from the window as I left
In thirty minutes I was out of state


November 13th, 2005 at 10:48pm

Sunday on 2CC

Just when you think sanity has prevailed, you find out that Weekend Magazine is a Saturday only show, so whilst Canberra is saved from Sydney real estate, we are not saved from Sydney Gardening, and considering we have two hours of Canberra gardening in the morning, 2CC could be the new home for horticultural experts. At least we know where to turn when the petunias start talking. On the other hand, why not have another two hour show on 2CC from midday to 2PM on Sunday, perhaps Kevin Woolfe talking about sport, not just the major sporting events, but the local games as well, or maybe Weekend Welshy…catchy title…

Glenn Wheeler is starting to sound pretty good, he seems to have settled in nicely, and is certainly happy at 2UE. I still miss George and Paul, but I guess the 2UE webstream is there if I need it. I’m very unhappy with 2UE for removing George Gibson from weekend New Day Australia and placing Stuart Bocking in his place…strange decision in my view.

On another note, when I turned on the Trading Post this afternoon, I just happened to turn it on at the time when John B1_B5 was on there…interesting coincidence if you ask me!


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