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I can’t really decide…

As you may be aware, I recently announced that I was not going to post on a particular website any more, but I am seriously reconsidering that decision. The website in question is The RiotACT (not the loony website I commented about earlier today). As much as some of the people who post there are either deranged or somewhat deluded, I must hand it to them that they do provide a local news service that no other website seems to be able to manage. Recently it has attracted the attention of Simon Corbell, the ACT planning minister, who has been replying there personally, so one does have to wonder who else reads it.

Some of the regulars, even the ones I disagree with, do seem mostly logical (there are also some utterly insane people) and are capable of logical debate.

Two things today have made me reconsider my announcement, the first one being that they have discussed two topics which are somewhat important to me today, one indeed was something I have discussed here previously.

The other thing was that I recieved a letter in the mail today from somebody who had been reading my comments on The RiotACT and has heard me on 2CC…they asked me to join their trivia team for an upcoming trivia night.

Also, it is hard to deny that RiotACT does deliver a lot of people to this site, and stopping posting there would severely hamper the efforts of this website. Apart from that, some of the owners of RiotACT are fairly decent people…I can’t say I necessarily agree with their choice of friends (which for some of them includes the evil pompous loony woman Caz who I’m convinced was released by accident from a lunatic asylum), but friends of friends aren’t necessarily my friends, and that policy does to some extent apply to my online activities as well.

I know that some of my regular readers and commenters dislike The RiotACT, and that is your choice, which I respect. I’m often in split minds about it myself, but it is strangely addictive, and I can’t give up on it cold turkey.

I guess this means I’m going back…I usually skip the uninteresting stories anyway.

I sincerely hope this doesn’t affect any of the online friendships that I have with some of the readers of this site.


2 comments November 8th, 2005 at 09:42pm

When you let the loonies out of the asylum…

What happens when you let all the people in the lunatic asylums out into society? You end up with websites like The Spin Starts Here (I wasn’t going to link to it, but I feel obliged).

My attention was drawn to that site a while back whilst searching for something, which I can no longer remember. What I do remember however is that it got a giant black mark in my books and was deemed “not to be visited”.

Recently my attention was drawn to that site again via another search, on this occasion I noticed that they were violating the Google Adsense terms and conditions, which they have since corrected.

My latest encounter with them started last night when a Google Alert for “Dickson College” landed in my inbox, the extract Google provided was

He’s from Dickson College and can write? That used to be enough to get you …
But then I got to this bit: “Yesterday around midday Dickson College had the …

The first bit was odd and caught my attention, but the second bit appeared to have a direct quote from this site, so I clicked on the link and saw the article in question. It was one of their inane discussions about Australian Idol. In the ensuing discussion somebody calling themselves rudyzarsov made a comment which included

I’m sick of looking at the bland c**p that Tssh has become and I feel that it’s only fair that I express my opinion.

This prompted a comment from “Blah Blah” who had this to say

Hey Rudy, here’s what you should do. Look up It’s the worst blog you’ll ever find.

Blah Blah then went on to say that The Spin Starts Here is much better etc etc.

That did bring some visitors here, and not surprisingly the visitors from TSSH weren’t impressed by a website which actually makes sense.

Anyway, it turned nasty, “eat my shorts” went on to say

Alright Blah Blah, I thought I had Samuel figured out. I thought maybe he was a retiree who used to work at 2CC and was now stalking them (as you do with previous employers). But then I got to this bit: “Yesterday around midday Dickson College had the annual year 12 photo taken. This would have been enjoyable if it wasn’t for the fact that it took about 20 photos until the photographer was satisfied.”
Excuse long quote, but for f***’s sake, is the dude serious?? So he’s in Year 12, or, as well as being a retiree stalking 2CC, he’s a retiree stalking Dickson College’s Year 12’s?? Freaky.

To which the evil pompous loony woman who seems to run the site, Caz, said this

eat my shorts, he’s a genuine bona fide school kiddy who is often spruiking 2CC in the comments over at johnboy’s site. He also doesn’t like strong language or People Who Need To Be Glassed.

Johnboy’s site being The RiotACT, where I stopped citing 2CC as a source because people started accusing me of being sponsored by or working for 2CC…which I don’t. As for strong language, well it has its place, but I generally choose not to use it. People Who Need To Be Glassed is a site of similar ilk to TSSH.

Then the Dickson College part of the Google Alert appeared in the form of a comment from “roobar”

He’s from Dickson College and can write? That used to be enough to get you put in hospital, but listening to 2CC as well. F***, standards have dropped from the old Hackett Boys days.

And of course Blah Blah just had to continue making an idiot of himself/herself

My apologies Extra Dollop, I didn’t know quite how to warn you for that blog. The whole thing actually leaves me a bit speechless, because I just can’t believe that anyone normal would love 2CC as much as this dude does.

Anyway, I felt like antagonising these idiots by replying, the upshot of which is they all proved their stupidity and Caz managed to make an idiot of herself by stating that she worked for 2CC for five years, she continues to claim that 2CC is the worst radio station on the planet, but it can’t bet that bad if she worked there for a full five years.

Showing the type of people that they truly are, they went on to pretty much try and convince me that the entire world revolves around sex, and nothing else is important…what strange individulas they must be.

I’m not going to continue quoting the utter idiots at The Spin Starts Here, but if you want to see the completely moronic conversation that I had the misfortune of being part of last night (although it was fun antagonising them) then click here to be taken to the article in question on the worthless waste of bandwidth which is, The Spin Starts Here. (Note: Comments sorted in reverse order…scroll down and read upwards)

For the record, I believe that 2CC provides quality radio, and that some people just aren’t bright enough to realise it.


18 comments November 8th, 2005 at 03:47pm

Emergency? The book provides your objectives.

Over the weekend the ACT Government sent out a booklet to each and every household titled Emergencies And The National Capital: A Residents Guide.
ESB Booklet Cover

Whilst it is an interesting effort by the government, it is unlikely that you will find anything of use in their quickly, instead you are told objectives, colours and the acts that “underpin” your evacuation.

The guide is clearly written by a public servant as it does lack clarity and plain english, favouring government speak and responsibility briefings. Among my favourite parts of the book are:

The ACT Evacuation Strategy is underpinned by the ACT Emergencies Act 2004 which allows Emergency Services to restrict movement to an area, or direct to people to leave an area due to unacceptable risks to life, property and the environment. The Strategy provides a flexible and adaptable approach to the management of evacuations that is not possible through the development of fixed plans. To achieve this the Strategy has the following components:

  • The ACT Community Safety – Evacuation Policy;
  • The ACT All Hazards Warning System; and
  • A public information plan.

Oh goody, that clears that up!

Apparently part of our emergency planning is acknowleging that emergency services may not be able to immediately meet all individual and community needs.
Looks like the chief turnip won’t need to worry about being responsible next bushfire then!

The guide also outlines the colour coded “emergency event” system, namely “Blue: Possible Threat”, “Yellow: Likely Impact”, “Orange: Certain Impact” & “Red: Immediate Impact”. Only Orange and Red will attract an emergency siren being broadcast through local media outlets, and therefore only Orange and Red are going to wake up the usually automated radio and TV stations. This is interesting because the book does say that some people should evactuate during Yellow…but if our radio and TV stations are automated we aren’t going to know about Yellow…so much for advance warning.

Anyway, if you would like to read this rather odd publication for yourself, take a look at but be careful, those government papragraphs may make your eyes glaze over.


2 comments November 8th, 2005 at 03:17pm

Dinosaurs and Lunch Discussions

These dreams are somewhat odd, and they both happened last night.

I was in my bedroom as were a few other people and there was a tranquilised dinosaur on my bed, from memory it was one of those rather hungy velociraptors which appeared in the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park. The dinosaur started to wake up and I went downstairs to get the dinosaur expert who was chatting with someone. After this the dinosaur ran around the house a few times before running out the front door.

Lunch Discussions:
It was lunchtime and I was in my high school canteen’s lunch order queue. For one reason or another the Campbell High School canteen has appeared in a few of my dreams, but the Dickson College one hasn’t, this is quite possibly because the high school canteen is a much more “open” space and I spent a lot more time there than I have at the Dickson College canteen.

Anyway, I got to the front of the queue and the canteen staff got out my lunch order paper bag and started telling me how wonderful they thought my lunch would be, they then shuffled about 10 different items on and off the counter until they worked out which one I had ordered.

The next thing that happened was that I was talking with the two teachers on playgorund duty who were having a discussion about John Mangos, I told them that he had been the celebrity gardener on the weekend and they seemed very disappointed that they had missed it.

Well, it could just be my imagination, but I think Glen Wheeler is trying to get inside my head with these dreams…sorry Glen, you can visit the dreams if you want, but I can’t pay you for it…see my agent!


November 8th, 2005 at 02:56pm


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