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A Nice Garden In Reid

Here is a picture of a nice garden I noticed the other day whilst Nattie and myself were going for a walk. The garden itself is segmented into a few sections with some lawn, rows of flowers along the path and another section of lawn which is bordered by plants. The picture here is of the flowers along the path.

A nice garden in Reid

The thing that makes this garden especially special is that only a couple years ago it was really just a big hedge that some idiot decided would look better if it was on fire. The burnt hedge has since been removed and the front bit of the garden is where the hedge once was. The way the owners have recovered from the tradgedy of the firebug is truly sensational.


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Samuel on the John Laws Morning Show

This morning I had the great pleasure of talking with the king of Radio, Mr. John Laws, the conversation was to do with Nguyen Tuong Van who is due to be hanged in Singapore in a couple weeks.

I must say I was very impressed with the short amount of time it took to get through to Lawsie. When I started ringing at about 10:50 the open line number, 13 13 32, was engaged, so I kept trying. It was about 10:55 when I did get through, and I ended up speaking with Lawsie at about 11:07 after the news and Lawsie reading some emails.

I had the radio setup to record the event, but in my haste (and I can’t really check these things when I’m on hold) the volume of the radio was a bit too loud, resulting in some clipping of the digital recording. It is still perfectly legible, just not perfect.

Anyway, you can hear my conversation with John Laws by clicking here, it goes for about a minute and a half.


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User Accounts

I have been informed that somebody is claiming I have deleted their account on this blog, I don’t know how they came to this conclusion as accounts have not been deleted. Perhaps they forgot their password in which case they can order a new one with a couple clicks, or maybe they stumbled across a post where comments are closed, that happens after a post has existed for 60 days, and may also happen at the discretion of the site owner when comments spiral out of control.

If whoever it is happens to be confused by it all, they can easily contact me via the contact form and I will try and help them out.


November 21st, 2005 at 12:04pm


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