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More Retirement Expo Info

This will be my final Retirement Expo weather report, you can easily follow the weather on the “Canberra Weather” section of the sidebar. The images act as links to the full weather report.

I will be there tommorow from a bit before 3pm until about 4pm, I will be most interested to see how 2CC manage this, will they have the caller names on a screen at the Retirement Expo or will someone in the 2CC studio at Hoskins St inform the presenters of caller names. If it is the latter, that could become messy during The Trading Post.

2CC will be broadcasting from stand 159, whioch can be found on this map here. It would appear that this will be a fairly prominent position just to the left of the entrance.

Mike Welsh just said that 2CC will be there on Sunday as well, a full weekend of 2CC at the retirement expo is quite a clever move in my view.

2CC are going to be promoting themselves to their target demographic, without any opposition from their direct competitiors over at the ABC.

Anyway, weather for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Friday: Possible Thunderstorm 12-22
Saturday: Showers 12-23
Sunday: Showers 8-19
Thankfully the Retirement Expo is indoors!


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New Day Australia Christmas Cruise Weather

It is now one week until the New Day Australia Christmas Cruise and over the coming week, I will keep you up to date on the weather report for the cruise. Currently it isn’t quite looking as sunny as hoped.

Christmas Cruise Weather
Possible Thunderstorm 17-24

Thanks to The Weather Company.


November 24th, 2005 at 04:48pm


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