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Dinosaurs and Lunch Discussions

November 8th, 2005 at 02:56pm

These dreams are somewhat odd, and they both happened last night.

I was in my bedroom as were a few other people and there was a tranquilised dinosaur on my bed, from memory it was one of those rather hungy velociraptors which appeared in the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park. The dinosaur started to wake up and I went downstairs to get the dinosaur expert who was chatting with someone. After this the dinosaur ran around the house a few times before running out the front door.

Lunch Discussions:
It was lunchtime and I was in my high school canteen’s lunch order queue. For one reason or another the Campbell High School canteen has appeared in a few of my dreams, but the Dickson College one hasn’t, this is quite possibly because the high school canteen is a much more “open” space and I spent a lot more time there than I have at the Dickson College canteen.

Anyway, I got to the front of the queue and the canteen staff got out my lunch order paper bag and started telling me how wonderful they thought my lunch would be, they then shuffled about 10 different items on and off the counter until they worked out which one I had ordered.

The next thing that happened was that I was talking with the two teachers on playgorund duty who were having a discussion about John Mangos, I told them that he had been the celebrity gardener on the weekend and they seemed very disappointed that they had missed it.

Well, it could just be my imagination, but I think Glen Wheeler is trying to get inside my head with these dreams…sorry Glen, you can visit the dreams if you want, but I can’t pay you for it…see my agent!


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