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Kane has left the building

November 10th, 2005 at 05:01pm

It’s official, Kane Bond has left 2CC, Kevin Woolfe (filling in for Mike Jeffreys) revealed it yesterday, and a phone call today confirmed it.

2CC listeners have known he was going for a while, and those of us who subscribe to radioinfo.com.au have suspected it for nearly a month due to an ad for his job.

I must admit that I will miss Kane. He was a very good producer, and nobody could run the Saturday morning show the way he did. He was a friendly voice on the phone who was often happy to have a chat. I didn’t agree with everything he said, although I generally don’t agree with everything anybody says, but he often had a good point and made it very well.

2CC have lost a great talent in Kane, he was one of those people who could make a show go smoother, and he was almost always able to get great interviews lined up for Mike Welsh.

Not everyone liked Kane, there were some things I didn’t like about him, but that’s the same with everyone. There are things I dislike in the people I like the most, and there are things I like in the people I hate. Overall Kane was a very nice person with a lot of skill, although I think he showed it in person more than he did on radio. Kane is somebody I will never forget.

Good luck Kane, whatever you do I wish you all the best…one day I’m sure I will see or hear your name somewhere and be able to say “I remember when Kane was at 2CC”.


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