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Samuel’s Persiflage #4

Samuel's Persiflage
It’s been a long time between drinks (or so they say), but Samuel’s Persiflage returns with episode number four, the April 2006 edition, which is now online. There is also a low quality version for the bandwidth impaired here.

I start off by welcoming everyone back and explain the absence of last month’s episode, before launching into a brand new feature…The Persiflage Puzzle! To play along at home all you need is a pen and paper, or a text editor. It’s very similar to hangman but with a few important differences, as I explains during the show. The puzzle for this episode has four words, the first word has three letters, the second word has six letters, the third word has seven letters and the last word has six letters. I then draw the first set of letters out of the hat and put them in to the puzzle.

Then it’s time for the first guest, so I have a chat with the gentleman of radio, John Kerr, about pirate radio, something John is very proud to have been involved in back in the mid 1960’s. This is followed by a couple odd news stories, and another look at the Persiflage Puzzle.

Then it’s on to the feedback segment, and there is plenty of it. All listeners are invited to send in more feedback, both in written and audio format. As per usual feedback can be sent to, or leave a comment below.

We have another quick look at the Persiflage Puzzle.

Due to popular demand, the next guest is Mrs. Sylvia Gordon-Stewart (Mum). Many people have sent me emails asking for more information about her, so she has agreed to come on the show and tell you herself. Nattie joins the show during this. Mum helps with the next look at the Persiflage Puzzle, and both Nattie and Mum stick around for some odd news stories.

I then wrap up Samuel’s Persiflage #4, give you the answer to the Persiflage Puzzle, and inform you that next month we will be chatting with the National Library of Australia.

The Samuel’s Persiflage #4 file itself is available here, and is 1:09:15 in length (63.4MB) at 128kbps stereo. The 128kbps format was decided upon because it produces a very good sound quality, and doesn’t “flatten” any music used in the podcast. I do, however, acknowledge that this is just unreasonable for dial-up, so a 16kbps mono file is also available here. The sound quality isn’t as good, but some people like it. The low quality version is 7.92MB

For those of you who are using podcast software to receive your podcasts, the feed can be found here and if you are using iTunes you can subscribe to Samuel’s Persiflage by clicking here.

Podcast related questions and comments can be sent to or left in the comments section of this post.


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The Proof Is In The Pudding

During the latter part of my time at The RiotACT, I started to suspect that Johnboy (one of the many admins) didn’t like me. I have previously documented the reasons why I left RiotACT, and I won’t go over that fiasco again, but it was interesting that, despite clear evidence to the contrary, Johnboy denied that he didn’t like me.

I made the point as clearly as I could after he lambasted me for agreeing with him, one of the many things I said was:

The pattern I have seen lately is that you have had this somewhat blanket “Anti Samuel” view on everything…I’m not sure when this started or why, but I would be interested to know what I did that has turned you against me.

Johnboy replied with:

I don’t have an “anti-samuel” view. I despise the rhetorical style of commercial talkback radio. It is inherenetly dishonest and as long as you use it I’m going to have problems with it.

I wasn’t going to bother raising the point again, as the evidence was clearly favouring my point, but it is interesting to note that Johnboy has stopped denying that he doesn’t like me. In fact only a short time ago he posted the following as a comment on a Spin Starts Here article about my Year In Review posts.

sam would be OK if he was just in his bubble. But he’s not.

He’s writing letters to the efitor, he’s always calling up talkback radio, and he’s pushing for a staggeringly cruel and intolerant society forced to be just like him.

In Sam’s world Eddie and Lawsie are to be respected and disrespect is terminated.

That’s just one reason why he needs to be held up to constant ridicule.

I have no problem with Johnboy disliking me, and I take no satisfaction from it, in fact it is quite disappointing considering that we were once online friends. I’m just glad that he has finally admitted it, and stopped the pointless denials.

The really good thing here is that, as far as I can see, this closes the last open section of the “Samuel & RiotACT” chapter. I’m glad that I can finally put it all behind me, knowing exactly where everyone stood on the matter.


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Dancing Power Lines in Ainslie

Another strange dream, this one takes place near a park in the suburb of Ainslie, where I walk along a busy path. There are a lot of powerlines above this path, and the other people started talking and pointing to the powerlines, when I looked up I could see that the powerlines and power poles were dancing.

Thankfully no sign of Daryl Somers, his current TV show or an SMS poll were in sight.


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Bus Enthusiast Dream

I had a very odd dream the other night, for some reason I met one of the bus enthusiasts from the Bus Australia website, and he drove me to Tuggeranong to see the busses.

I don’t remember much of the detail of the dream, although I do remember us getting lost near Tuggeranong and then following a bus to the Interchange.


April 13th, 2006 at 12:27pm

Persiflage Update

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…Samuel’s Persiflage Episode 4…will be online later today, possibly tonight, just in time for Easter.

I can tell you that it will contain a new feature which will appear a few times during the episode.

Hopefully this will mean a return to monthly episodes, I certainly hope it does.


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Samuel’s Footy Tips

Alrighty then, as the AFL starts tonight, it’s time for another round of my footy tipping.

AFL Round 3
Saints V Lions
Cats V Hawks
Blues V Swans
Eagles V Tigers
Demons V Crows
Bombers V Bulldogs
Power V Dockers
Kangaroos V Pies

NRL Round 6
Roosters V Broncos
Sea Eagles V Dragons
Rabbitohs V Bulldogs
Raiders V Warriors
Tigers V Sharks
Knights V Cowboys
Panthers V Storm


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Samuel’s Blog Year In Review: December 2005

December was another eventful month, and it started with the John Kerr’s New Day Australia Christmas Cruise.

Having slept through the previous afternoon to ensure that I would be awake through the night and early morning, and therefore get all of my final preparations done, I was on the computer in the hours leading up to departure. This gave me ample opportunity to inform you that Firefox 1.5 had been released and provide you with a post containing the final weather update, and a couple webcams overlooking Sydney Harbour.

It is worthwhile pointing out that I was heard on 2CC quite a few times that day. Firstly on John Kerr’s show in the wee hours of the morning, then on Mike Jeffreys’ breakfast show from a public phone at the Jolimont Centre, then on Mike Welsh’s drive show by mobile from the Cruise catamaran, and then again on John Kerr’s show…all in the space of 30 hours.

Unfortunately my review of the day surrounding the cruise was delayed by a storm in Canberra dropping a tree on my roof.

I did eventually get around to writing my review of the Christmas Cruise, some of the highlights included:
It was a lovely day in Sydney
Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Lady Rose arrives
The Lady Rose


Even the skyline was lovely
Sydney Skyline

John Kerr, Anastasia & Me
John Kerr, Anastasia, Samuel Gordon-Stewart

A lovely view
Lovely view

Afternoon tea
Afternoon tea

Seven News Studio
Seven News Studio

Bus, bus, bus, bus, bus…
Bus bus bus bus bus

A Sydney train
Sydney train

Coffee at Central Station
Coffee at Central Station

And some videos:

Lots of people enjoying themselves
John Kerr has a dance

I then got around to documenting the tree falling on the roof, thankfully it was a rotten branch and it shattered and only caused minor damage. The evacuation meant that my family and I spent the night at the nearby Olims Hotel in a “Superior Room”.
Superior Room at Olims Hotel

Nattie spent the night with a neighbour as Olims don’t accept pets, the neighbour has a cat and I’m informed that she had a fun night. We met Nattie and the neighbour the next morning on the median strip across the road from the house.
Media Strip outside my house

Nattie was happy to see us.

There was plenty of mess to clean up.
Tree mess

On the Tuesday morning I started working at my new workplace.

Glenn the Kangaroo joined the Samuel Household.
Glenn The Kangaroo

Some horrible spammer tried to gain from the death of convicted drug smuggler Van Nguyen.

Dickson College’s Year 12 Graduation was held at Llwellyn Hall
Dickson College Year 12 Graduation 2005

A few days later I was informed that I was “overqualified” for my job, and was terminated.

2CC broadcast Carols In The Park.

Nattie, Humphrey and I watched “Here’s Humphrey” on the television.
Nattie & Humphrey

Australian Independent Radio News celebrated one year of operation. (Disclosure notice: Samuel has a commercial agreement with Australian Independent Radio News).

John Kerr sent me a Christmas Card
which made a cryptic mention of his move to weekends.
Christmas Card from John Kerr

2CC gave me a Christmas present of sorts
, including a clipping of one my phone calls in an “Open Line” promo.

On Christmas day I wished everybody a merry christmas and added a bit of Christmas music to the site for the day.

I then provided you with a review of my Christmas, which included photos of a message from Santa
A message from Santa

Nattie keeping an eye on food preparations
Nattie watching food preparations

First course for lunch
First course for lunch

Second course
Second course

Nattie getting attention from one of our neighbours and Mum.
Nattie, Maria & Mum


Nattie enjoyed desert
Nattie enjoying desert

I released the first episode of Samuel’s Persiflage

And I talked about New Years Eve.

And that wraps up December, January is coming up tomorrow morning.


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Samuel’s Coffee-Cup-O-Meter

3 x Standard Mugs (1 Point Each) = 3 Points
Total = 3 Points


April 13th, 2006 at 01:49am


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