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A good way to blow things out of proportion

The people at Behind Big Brother have been kind enough to remove my photo and mention that I am not a contestant, however they have also gone and called my request that they remove my copyright image a “legal threat”.

Interestingly, a threat is defined as “An expression of an intention to inflict pain, injury, evil, or punishment” by…but take a look at the email I sent to them overnight and see if you think it was threatening.

Dear Sir/Madam,
As per my most recent blog post, I am not going on Big Brother, and have no intention of ever doing so. I’m used to my name being thrown around for various reasosn, and I’m not fussed about this.

I would, however, like to point out that in your article “Rumoured Housemates” you have used a copyright image of me, from my website, without my permission. Please either remove the image or request permission to use it. You have also called me “Samuel Stewart”, I’m not terribly fussed about that, I just thought you might like to know that “Gordon-Stewart” is my proper last name.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Looks to me like I asked them to remove it or request permission to use it…I can’t see a “legal threat”…can you?


6 comments April 21st, 2006 at 03:49pm

Interesting Article About Me

Recently I agreed to be interviewed about my life by The Editor of GrodsCorp. The interviews took place by email, and have resulted in a rather interesting article about me, which does appear to give you a bit of the background story of my life.


11 comments April 21st, 2006 at 09:10am

Samuel’s Footy Tips

Another long weekend of football kicks off tonight, with both the AFL and NRL being extended through to Tuesday, which is of course ANZAC Day.

As such, my footy tips are here for your perusal.

AFL Round 4
Blues V Hawks
Bulldogs V Cats
Lions V Tigers
Dockers V Crows
Kangaroos V Eagles
Swans V Demons
Power V Saints
Magpies V Bombers

NRL Round 7
Eels V Tigers
Storm V Knights
Broncos V Panthers
Dragons V Roosters
Sharks V Cowboys
Warriors V Rabbitohs
Bulldogs V Sea Eagles


April 21st, 2006 at 07:02am

No, I am not going on Big Brother

I don’t know where the rumor came from, but I do not have any intention of having any part in the strange television show Big Brother.

I have seen bits of it, usually the last five or ten minutes of an episode while I wait for the next show to start, sometimes this is due to a show finishing early on another channel, but usually it is due to Big Brother running beyond the advertised starting time of the next programme.

The thing that makes the notion of me being on Big Brother quite amusing, other than the fact I find the show to be quite obnoxious, is that I don’t even know how people get on the show. I gather that there is a nomination process or something like that, but how does it work? Do people ask to be on it? Or do other people nominate them to be on it?

Regardless of how it works, I am not going on it, and I have not been contacted by anybody involved with the production of it.

To those of you who have come here from the “Behind Big Brother” website, welcome. It is obvious that a number of you think Samuel’s Persiflage is boring…that’s fine, I think Big Brother is boring. I will be contacting your site administrators to have my copyrighted photo removed.


8 comments April 21st, 2006 at 12:17am


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