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Samuel’s Footy Tips: Results

My AFL tips weren’t as good as last week, but my NRL tips were…I correctly tipped 4 winners in each code, which amounted to one less winner overall.

AFL Round 2: 4/8 (50%)
NRL Round 5: 4/7 (57.14%)
Week Total: 8/15 (53.33%)
Graph of the weekly results

AFL: 10/16 (62.50%)
NRL: 14/35 (40%)
Total: 24/51 (47.06%)
Graph of the total results


April 10th, 2006 at 07:05am

Samuel’s Blog Year In Review: October 2005

October started with Nattie barking nationally, and the Blog View Stats for the previous month showing a 283% increase in the number of page views.

City Ads were up to their usual tricks, and 2CC were celebrating their 30th birthday by giving away a 1975 Kingswood, I said that I would meet Mike Frame in Erindale.

On that particular day, Mike Jeffreys had a story about a man who really does live in a fridge, and I rang in and told him about the story I wrote called “The Fridge”, and as Mike Jeffreys was also going to be making an appearance with the Kingswood at Video Ezy Erindale, I decided to print out a copy of “The Fridge” for him.

I made my way out to Erindale and took the camera with me for a photographic journey, among the highlights:
The items I took with me
The items I took with me

You could see from Bunda Street to Ballumbir Street back then
You could see from Bunda Street to Ballumbir Street back then

I avoided a green bus, and caught a nice orange bus instead
A nice orange ACTION bus

Mike Frame posing with the Kingswood
Mike Frame and the 2CC Kingswood

John B1_B5 sitting in the Kingswood
John B1_B5 sitting in the Kingswood

Mike Jeffreys arrives
Mike Jeffreys Arrives

And Ainslie Avenue
Ainslie Avenue

I also documented the excessive amount of noise those horrid green busses create.

I was forced to write my first editorial policy post.

Google followed up on a suggestion of mine.

I had a long, but enjoyable, day in which I went to work, had a very long lunch, and also took copies of my photos of 2CC presenters out to 2CC.

I had a really good idea about the future of public transport.

The ACT Government started planning for the centenary of Canberra in 2013, I gave them a good suggestion for a feature attraction.

I summarised some feedback, and outlined some new comment spam protection measures.

ACT Chief Turnip Jon Stanhope released a confidential document, and got an appropriate serve from Piers Akerman.

Australia’s version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire finally gave away a million dollars.

John Kerr started talking about his Christmas Cruise, and I had a strange dream about it.

Some children are just plain obnoxious.

John Kerr (a different John Kerr) had a snake in his taxi.

I made my booking and announced my plans for the New Day Australia Christmas Cruise.

I also brought you a classic 2CC jingle and showed you the catamaran being used for the Christmas Cruise.
Lady Rose

Mike Welsh ran the Trading Post, and a policewoman considered suing John Laws.

I won a Home Improvement DVD as part of 2CC’s birthday celebrations, Nattie visited the vet, and I had a dream where I yelled at Jon Stanhope.

2CC had their birthday, and I had a special picture for the occasion.
2CC's 30th Birthday

That was October, tomorrow morning we will take a look at November.


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Samuel’s Coffee-Cup-O-Meter

6 x Standard Mugs (1 Point Each) = 6 Points
Total = 6 Points


April 10th, 2006 at 01:00am


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