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The Man Who Really Lives In A Fridge

October 4th, 2005 at 08:28am

Regular readers of my blog would know that I once had a dream about people living in kitchen appliances, in this dream I lived in a fridge and the neighbours lived in a freezer, I then turned this story into an incredible work of fiction.

Well, now, for the second time in history, UK News Source Ananova receives a link from this website, as they have a story which just goes to show that truth really is stranger than fiction.

I’ll let them tell the story

Iceman can’t stand the heat

A Russian man who suffers from a rare disorder that means his body easily overheats has been divorced after moving to Siberia and turning his house into a fridge.

Vitaly Matyukhin, from Arkhangelsk, converted his new home into a fridge after being told by doctors that he was suffering from a “heat exchange disorder”.

The condition means he risks overheating if exposed to anything over five degrees Celsius, the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily reported.

But after Matyukhin converted his home his wife Olga and their son walked out, saying they could no longer stand the cold.

The condition started after Matyukhin was taken to hospital suffering from heat stroke, which according to doctors upset his body’s internal method of regulating his body temperature.

He said he now only ever leaves his house late at night in winter when the temperature drops below freezing.

His only real problem here is that, if the power goes out, he isn’t going to be able to reenact the events of The Fridge and delve into the power system to fix the problem, as there is a very good chance the teperature might rise above 5 degrees.


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