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Monday on 2CC

I appear to have an unusual desire to keep up with the presenter movements at 2CC, and being a public holiday today there were a couple.

New Day Australia was as per usual, with John Kerr doing his normal show.

Breakfast had one of this blog’s search terms hosting it, Mike Frame filling in for Mike Jeffreys. (He later went out to Dickson with the 2CC Kingswood, I was going to go out there and meet him, but I didn’t…I might go out to Erindale tommorow, I’ve never been to Erindale so it might be worthwhile taking photos.)

I missed all of the John Laws show, but from what I’ve been told, John Stanley did that show.

Afternoons with John Stanley was filled by John Mangos (confused yet?)

The drive show had occasional fillin Leigh Zaghet filling in for Mike Welsh…unfortunately this show was marred by the appearance of the ACTION misinformation officer Barb Barrett…based on the questions and the answers, I would say this was the result of a press release in which ACTION finally acknowledged that it’s petrol prices, and not service improvements which have increased their patronage. (Well, the Xpresso services may have helped, but those horrid green contraptions which rattle and shake to the extent that you feel dizzy didn’t. The only good thing about the green buses is the air conditioning, everything else is a cheap shambles. I’ll be sure to avoid the green buses during my journey to Erindale.)

None the less, I took the opportunity to say hello to Leigh, the last time we spoke was when he was filling in on The Trading Post, so it was good to be able to talk to him again.

I heard a bit of the sports show, it had the regular presenters…I didn’t hear any more though.

Nearly forgot, 2CC had local news this morning with Kris McKenzie, and took 2UE news this afternoon.

Anyway, as I mentioned I will endeavour to meet up with Mike Frame again in Erindale tommorow (Tuesday) and I will take the camera with me to take some photos. This could very well be one of the few chances I have to take a couple photos of one of the good orange ACTION buses.

One thing I should point out is that I am not guessing Leigh’s spelling, the USENET/Google Groups archives prove it. I stumbled across his name when I was doing research earlier this year and remembered which newsgroup it was in, just a matter of a quick search.


Important Update
Mike Jeffreys will be in Erindale from about 2-3pm, whilst Mike Frame will be there from 2-5pm, I’m planning on being there from about 2-3ish, and I will also be taking Mike Jeffreys a copy of my story called The Fridge as we discussed it briefly this morning.
End Update

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