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Repeatable Infomercials?

I noticed something very odd in the TV guide last night, the infomercials from 2am to 4am on Prime Television were listed as being a repeat. These late night/early morning infomercials tend to advertise the same product for an hour or so, often repeating the same “interview” or audio clips from “your favourite memories of the 1960’s” twenty times in a row (or at least it feels that way). They always have a phone number down at the bottom of the screen because “our operators are waiting for your call” and naturally “if you buy two sets with your credit card in the next twenty minutes and quote the word bingo and pay an extra ten dollars we’ll send you half a photo of someone smiling, and if you are one of the first twenty callers we’ll even send the other half of the photo with it.”

Often these things are “one time offers”, so how do you run repeats? Very odd…

On a related note, I was pleased to spot a repeat of a great Australian drama, Water Rats, last night/this morning. It was on at 1am, but that didn’t stop me from watching it…it might be (c) 1999, but it was still classic drama. I was very pleased to spot that, despite the fact it was aired pre-digital television, it was in widescreen. Fantastic television, I just wish it was in primetime, it was one of Australia best dramas, and it is really should get an encore performance in prime time…if the viewing public have any sense, it would top the ratings. I could spurt out more “classic television” type quotes, but I won’t, you get the point by now.


October 11th, 2005 at 10:41am

LCA 2006 Update

The time has come for me to provide another LCA update, especially for those people who have been searching for combinations fo my name and the conference name.

I got three emails from Nick Phillips which all said

We’re sorry, but your talk, …, was not one of those accepted for presentation at LCA2006

It isn’t all bad news though

We’ve been very impressed by the standard of talks submitted overall, and
have had a really tough job trying to decide which talks to accept — it
looks like it’s shaping up to be a great conference!

For more information on the programme as it takes shape, have a look at — to register (registration is
now open), see

We look forward to seeing you in Dunedin!

They can look forward to it all they like, but the bottom line is that I can’t make it. It probably would be nice, but I’m sure plenty of other people will fill my seat.


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