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The Spring Nut Parade

There is something about the warmer weather and Friday that brings a large number of loonies into my life. There were quite a few of them today, and it is hard to work out which one was first, but here goes anyway.

Firstly we have the woman who decided that the perfect way to transport a two metre pole (or thereabouts) is to shove it on to a bus rather recklessly…that was helpful…

Moving on to the next loopy person and it was some nut from an anti-daylight saving group, I have no problem with her anti-daylight saving views, but there is definetly a problem when she claims that daylight saving causes cancer, depression, the flu, flying werewolf disease and just about every other known and unknow medical problem on the planet (OK, I made flying werewolf disease up, but you get the drift). The best description of that would have to be codswallop.

What’s next…oh yes, the ambulance that had to go down Ainslie Avenue, kept going straight along Ballumbir St, did a u-turn, came back, stopped in the middle of the intersection before deciding which way to go. I pity the person they were attending…I hope they found their way back to the hospital…or are they at the top of Mount Ainslie right now?

Then we have the people who, regardless of location, refuse to eat quietly. I’m not talking about them talking, I’m talking about the way they chew their food…I really don’t want to be able to hear them chewing their food from the next table…it is rather off putting actually, and spoiled my meal somewhat.

Oh, I forgot to mention the people who, when you place your order give you a funny look as if you have spoken in klingon despite the fact that the order is exactly the same as every other time you have ordered.

Then we have the people in supermarkets who walk around in groups very slowly and block aisles in the process.

The people in bakeries who, despite the queue, feel a need to have a chat instead of serving anyone…..The people who park in bus stops…..The people who can’t wait check if the car in front of them has moved off from the traffic lights and nearly rear-end them….The chief turnip deciding we don’t need water restrictions any more…

Yes, I had a rather annoying late afternoon/early evening…


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