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Newsreader Dreams

I had a weird night last night. I can safely assume that this dream came about as a result of an email about a newsreading workshop…

The dream lasted about 15 seconds, from memory. Basically I was at some conference where there were probably 20 people in view, and an awful lot of unfinished walls…all I really remember about the events of the dream is that I was looking for 2CC newsreader James Creegan (guessing spellings again) and spotted him through one of the unfinished walls talking to somebody, both people were standing, James was standing in between a plastic chair and a table with a microphone on it. I remember thinking “that doesn’t look like James”.

I suppose the 2CC link came into the dream as I went out there yesterday to pick up the Home Improvement DVD I won.


October 27th, 2005 at 11:31pm

Samuel Dreams Of Stanhope

Well, I don’t know what to make of this, but I had a scary (and somewhat odd) dream last night where I met ACT Chief Turnip Jon Stanhope near the bus stop across the road from the ACT Legislative Assembly. In this dream I was walking in the direction of the ActewAGL building and Stanhope was walking in the opposite direction with two people holding clipboards (presumably advisers).

As he came close to me he recognised me and started saying something along the lines of “Ahhh, so you’re the idiot who…”, as far as I recall we had a bit of an argument and a yelling match, and that is all I recall. His advisors had disappeared by this stage.

I don’t know what to make of this dream, but the fact that I had a dream involving the Chief Turnip indicates I may have issues.

On a slightly related note, I must apoligise to Piers Akerman for mistakenly thinking he was female…I have since seen a photo and have fixed the comments accordingly. It is funny how names can be deceiving and photos elusive until after you make mistakes…


October 27th, 2005 at 11:20pm

Nattie’s Visit To The Vet

Today marked the dreaded day which comes around once every seven dog years…Good Doctor Day. Nattie isn’t very keen on doctors, mainly because they tend to give her thermometers and needles (and sometimes tooth scrapings).

Nattie obviously knew we were going to see the good doctor as she walked quite slowly and made a lot more stops than usual on the way. When we got there she went as far as the front door before needing to be dragged in, it then became necessary to pick her up.

Then it was on to the surgery room, the room which Nattie made every effort to escape from…keeping her still was virtually impossible, and at one stage she ended up standing on my back. It took quite a while to get her in to position for her vaccination, and then after that she was relieved to leave the room, but she refused to make any contact with me.

Then we walked home, and Nattie wasn’t very happy and more or less moped all the way home. When we got home I gave her a special drink of milk to cheer her up a bit. It didn’t help much, but she was willing to be mildly friendly towards me.

A little bit later the Vacuum Monster (our Kirby vacuum cleaner) was picked up for it’s annual service and inspection. I had to take it out to the street for the serviceman to find where I was, and Nattie saw me take it out the door. The serviceman came and took it away, and I went back inside. Nattie saw me come back inside without the Vacuum Monster and she was very very happy. Nattie has been happy with me ever since.

I think she has forgiven me for taking her to see the good doctor because I sent the Vacuum Monster away…I wonder if she realises it has only gone on holiday and will be back soon?


2 comments October 27th, 2005 at 02:28pm

Louie The Fly featured on John Stanley’s show

This afternoon John Stanley’s featured phrase was based around the Louie The Fly song, which was discussed here recently. John obviously hasn’t read this site as he didn’t know who the singer was.

Checking back through the logs it is quite clear that John and his staff didn’t get the song from this site, as the last download of the song was a couple days ago. Other than that, it would appear that he sent at least one person here as they searched for “louie the fly mortein” a couple minutes after John mentioned it.

Oh, nearly forgot, here is the Louie The Fly song again.

And John_B1_B5 has drawn a picture of Louie The Fly


2 comments October 27th, 2005 at 02:00pm


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