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Letter From Supabarn

As you may recall from this post and this post, Magnus Advertising sent the wrong receipt paper to Supabarn, presumably by accident.

I wrote a letter each to City Supabarn and Magnus Advertising to inform them of the error, and in today’s mail I received a reply from Andy Vaccaro, Store Manager presumably of City Supabarn.

The letter reads:

Dear Mr Gordon-Stewart,

Thank you for being a valued customer of Supabarn.

Further to the issue you discussed in your letter dated 19th April 2006, we have since been in contact with Magnus Advertising, who is working to fix this issue.

Once again I would like to thank you for shopping at Supabarn and for alerting us of the printing error on our receipt rolls.

Yours faithfully,
Andy Vaccaro
Store Manager

It’s nice to know that I made a difference, and it is extremely nice to know that my letter has been acted on.


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Page Views

Whoops, we exceeded 20,000 page views again. This time it happened at 2:52:32PM on ANZAC Day. This severely skews the blog view stats collected by Webstat for the month (free Webstat accounts stop counting after 20,000 page views), and as such I will be using the AwStats report generated by my webhost (Bluehost) as the basis for just about everything in the Blog View Stats which would normally be handled by Webstat this month. I will still provide the Webstat PDFs.

I am not currently in a financial position to throw money at upgrading the Webstat counter (which is, in my view, technically superior to the web server log analysing statistics tools (such as Webstat), but when I am in that position, it will be near the top of my priorities.


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“I want to live on your roof…and I will!”

Yesterday afternoon I had a nap, and during that nap I had a very peculiar dream. It started with me walking down a non-existent (in reality anyway) street in Woden, when this angry blonde woman came over to me and told me quite bluntly “I want to live on your roof…and I will!”, I tried to ignore her but she picked up a shopping trolley and threw it at me, and missed, she then started ranting, raving and screaming about how she was going to live on my roof, during which she picked up boxes of cereal and threw them at me. Needless to say I fled the scene.

The dream then continued with me at home looking out the wire door and seeing a car pull up. The angry blonde stepped out and walked towards the house, she started being abusive and demanded access to the roof. I closed the door and ignored her. She walked away from the house and rang somebody on her mobile phone, this was followed by an Indian man appearing at the door with a pizza, I tried to explain to him what was going on and that I didn’t order the pizza, but he insisted that I had to pay, constantly repeating “you must pay for the pizza”.

The Indian pizza delivery man then started talking about pizzas and the lack of them in India, and was interrupted by police cars appearing out the front of my house. The police turned up with every Blonde woman in Canberra and handed me a notepad containing sketches of them in the hope that I could identify the crazy woman who was standing on the footpath outside my house when they turned up.

This is where the dream ended…pity, I would have liked to see her get taken away.

The interesting thing about this dream is that earlier in the afternoon, Naturopath of the 2CC Drive Show, Rebecca Bowman, was talking about vitamin deficiencies, vivid dreams, and the feeling that we have had dreams, a topic which I rang in to talk to her about.

I remember meeting Rebecca once, although I don’t remember what she looks like. If she is blonde, I hope she doesn’t want to live on people’s roofs, as that would just make the dream scarier.


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Kris is back, the transmitter is acting up (again), and the Pye leaves the Sky

2CC had a busy day yesterday. Firstly newsreader Kris McKenzie is back from holidays, even though they are still looking for a senior journalist. I really did think that Kris was gone, the job ad and his lengthy absence almost added up, although I have to admit that the constant changing of afternoon newsreader didn’t. It is great to have Kris back, as I’m sure a lot of listeners would agree.

Speaking of listeners, plenty of them would have noticed the strange actions of the 2CC transmitter from about 2:45pm onwards, it really sounds like it is having power issues (of course with Canberra’s electricity infrastructure that could be ActewAGL’s fault) as it seems to cut out at random, sometime not transmitting at all for a short while, other times transmitting a very weak signal, and always returning with a signal that fades in from static. Thankfully the problems seemed to be contained to the hour after 2:45.

And as previously reported, Andrew Pye has left, his final day was yesterday, prepare for Mike “Frame In The Plane” today. I received a letter on Monday from the Australian Traffic Network informing me that I was an unsuccessful applicant for the position (no real surprise), which probably indicates that they have appointed someone to that position, and there is a very good chance that it is Mike Frame. None the less, I will keep my ear to the ground and let you know if I hear anything, as it is quite feasable that Mike is just filling in.

Incidentally, in Andrew’s last traffic report he denied being the Carpet Court Jester, Dave Hughes, the bloke from the AMI Nasal Spray ads (don’t ask), and a multitude of other people and characters which people have accused him of. Regardless of what he says, I still think he is the Carpet Court jester and just won’t own up to wearing that hat.
Is Andrew Pye the Carpet Court Jester?

Oh well, best of luck Andrew, enjoy your copywriting at 2ST Wollongong.


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