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Odie reminds me of Nattie

In yesterday’s Garfield comic, Odie reminds me of Nattie.
Garfield, Sunday April 2, 2006

The reason Odie reminds me of Nattie is that Nattie used to bark at the birds all the time when she was younger, especially when she was trying to sleep. She would often be sleeping very nearby, sometimes right next to a chair that I was sitting on, and she would always start barking without warning, and at full volume, which had the effect of scaring the living daylights out of me, and anybody else right near her at the time.

Nattie seems to have gotten used to the birds, as she rarely barks at them any more.


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ACTION Movements and Shakeups

It looks like there are a few changes on the way at ACTION in the coming months.

Firstly, I have it on good authority that the timetables will be changed in August, which means drivers will be given new shifts (or more correctly, they will choose new shifts), and a new rostering system will be in place. I’ll address these points in a moment.

Secondly, the word from inside ACTION is that CEO Peter Wallace is resigning, I can’t confirm this, but it certainly seems to be the buzz eminating from ACTION insiders at the moment.

Now, back to the timetables, it was mentioned on a bus enthusiast website a few weeks ago that ACTION are going to change the timetables (Comment by Busnerd, 4th from top) to a new system which will “cut travel times to that of a private car”, a feat which is impossible for many reasons. Anyway, I decided to follow up on the story and was told by ACTION insiders that August is the proposed date for the new timetables, apparently this will also mean a change in rostering to help get drivers onto weekends. It is also possible that Flexibus will be scrapped (about time!), and standard route services will return to nights.

All of this is still well and truly up in the air at this stage, and may turn out to be incorrect if ACTION management change their mind, although from what I’m hearing, it seems pretty definite.


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Free advertising in The Daily Telegraph

I don’t know if you spotted The Daily Telegraph on Thursday or not, but the front cover looked like this.
The Daily Telegraph, Thursday March 30, 2006

But hang on…zoom in a bit.
The Daily Telegraph, Thursday March 30, 2006

What’s that on the rear window of the red car?
2UE logo on the cover of The Daily Telegraph, Thursday March 30, 2006

Why it’s a sticker with the old 2UE logo on it! Looks like 2UE scored some free advertising on the front cover of a rather popular newspaper. To be fair, I didn’t spot this myself as I don’t usually see The Daily Telegraph, but I did hear Stuart Bocking and Peter FitzSimons talking about it on Thursday morning at around 5am on 2UE and network stations.

I guess it just goes to show that those stickers the radio stations give away are worthwhile after all! Congratulations 2UE!

I just hope they gave the owner of the car, Mark Pataky, some sort of prize, or interviewed him, or both. It wouldn’t have been hard to get in contact with him considering that he is a 2UE listener and they could have simply got one of the announcers to ask him to ring in.


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Samuel’s Blog Year In Review: May 2005

May 2005 started off with an awful lot of silence, one brief post on May 2, and the next one on May 9. The second one was quite interesting as it outlined some possible career moves, of which one fell apart, one never happened, another happened and is still going, and the other one…well I never heard from the people. I also had a little bit to say about ACTION’s amazing timetable disaster, and a phone call from one of their public relations people. This was followed by a newspaper publishing my recent editorial about ACTION’s changes, and lyrics to a song which I will ensure that you get to hear in one of the Tape Highlights of the future.

I then showed off some of my artwork, a picture I had drawn whilst in class.
A picture drawn by Samuel

There was some fun with Linux printing, and then some true excitement, a 2CC dinner which I was going to attend, more on that later.

May contained a “Friday the 13th”, it didn’t bring me bad luck, just a bunch of lunatics.

A few days later there were some big announcements, firstly the Coffee-Cup-O-Meter came into existence, and then I had to change the way I submitted blog posts. I enjoyed using email blogging, as it seemed much more flexible, quicker and easier than using the interface, but that function broke for a while and I was forced on the interface, and stayed there for quite some time.

Somebody took exception to my post about the Friday the 13th loonies, and then I set about explaining how the Coffee-Cup-O-Meter works.

ABC local radio decided to waste taxpayers money by advertising on commercial television…and I thought they were always crying poor.

I got hooked on Tux Racer, and then had a very high speed, which made me wonder if penguins can get booked for speeding.
Tux travels fast

Not long after this, I discovered that I would not be able to attend the 2CC dinner, due to insurance issues. The insurer needed everybody to be at least 18 years old, and the dinner was one week before my birthday, this left me wondering why I was allowed to enter the competition in the first place, and what would have happened if I was a winner and not just a winner’s guest.

Tim Webster proved that he is a great choice as a fill-in for John Laws.

Shortly thereafter, I had food poisoning for nearly a week, and learned a valuable lesson from it.

Friday the 13th’s Idiot Number Three struck again, but I had a cure for him.

And then, as May drew to a close, I started the countdown to my 18th birthday, and dropped a few hints about some interesting changes and new additions to Samuel’s Blog. What were these changes and additions? All will be revealed when we look back on June 2005, tomorrow morning, right here on Samuel’s Blog Year In Review.


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Samuel’s Coffee-Cup-O-Meter

And now, as we head in to the birthday of Samuel’s Blog, the return of Samuel’s Coffee-Cup-O-Meter

6 x Standard Mug (1 Point Each) = 6 Points
Total = 6 Points


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