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Apoligies and Delays

Based on the visitor numbers, and the increased comment activity, I get the feeling that there are a few people waiting around for Samuel In Dolgnwot and Samuel’s Musican(s) Of The Week.

I’m terribly sorry, but I’m going to have to push them back to tomorrow night. You see I’ve had almost no sleep in the last 36 hours (and my alarm didn’t go off during my quick nap this afternoon), and I haven’t actually drawn this week’s Samuel In Dolgnwot or chosen the Musican(s) Of The Week.

Anyway, for those of you who would like a sneak peak at the Balloon Fiesta photos click here. I have numbered them 1 through 48, and the ones which start with “thumb-” are the smaller versions of the photos.


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The Magnus/Supabarn/Big W Receipts Become More Interesting

You might recall the story from Tuesday about Magnus Advertising sending the wrong receipt paper to Supabarn. Well it just got a bite more interesting.

Yesterday another person in the household visited Supabarn (EFTPOS transaction blurred by Samuel).
Supabarn Receipt

The back of the receipt looked about the same as last time…
Back of a Supabarn Receipt

Except for one small difference…see that up the top:
Supabarn Receipt

It looks like Magnus print destination stores on the receipt paper, which probably means that somebody made a data entry error prior to printing, and the Big W receipt paper was assigned to the wrong client. Whilst these errors will happen from time to time in automated environments, it is a pity that nearly a week later Supabarn are still using the incorrectly addressed Big W batch, as this probably means nobody picked up on the error until it was far too late.

It is probably too late for either Magnus or Supabarn to do anything about it (after all Supabarn need receipt paper), but I have written letters to both of them bring the matter to their attention. I only got around to posting them late last week, so I’m not execting a reply until early to mid this week, and even then I wouldn’t be surprised if they say that there isn’t anything they can do about the error.

I do want to make something very clear here. I am not trying to criticise Magnus, Supabarn or anyone else for this, I just want to make sure that the people involved know about the problem, and the rest of us can gain some entertainment from it, and learn a bit more about the receipt advertising industry in the process.


13 comments April 23rd, 2006 at 12:40pm

Catherine Garrett hosts Stateline

You might recall that we previously met Catherine Garrett in about half a second of video where she introduces Daniel Gibson, who is showing off my weather picture in 2000.
Catherine Garrett

I met Catherine in 1999 when she was reporting on a story about ACTION hiring female bus drivers and she had a cameraman with her filming the bus driver of a school bus outside Ainslie Primary School. On that occasion we had a chat and she gave me a “Prime Possum” postcard, which I still have here somewhere.

Prior to Prime Local News going to air with my weather picture in 2000, I rang through to speak to Daniel Gibson and ended up having a brief chat with Catherine, who remembered me from our conversation the year before, and even remembered some of the subject matter.

Since then, Prime Local News folded and Catherine went to the ABC as a reporter on their local news service. In 2002 I was informed by an ABC reporter that she had gone on maternity leave, and the next I heard of her was last year when she wrote one of the rare useful articles in City Ads, about her time in Germany with Deutsche Wells Television.

Catherine is now back in Australia and is a reporter and producer for the ACT edition of Stateline, the weekly state/terriotry based current affairs show on ABC Television.

Regular host of ACT Stateline, Phillip Williams is overseas reporting on the events in the Solomon Islands, so Catherine Garrett filled in on Friday night, looking as bright and bubbly as ever.
Catherine Garrett

I’m obviously very late in welcoming Catherine back to Australia and Canberra, but I must say that it is great to have her back, and I will send her a letter on Monday to say just that.

Welcome back Catherine!


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Hot Air Balloons

As this post appears, Nattie and I should be somewhere on the lawns in front of Old Parliament House watching hot air balloons take off.


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