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From “Pye in the Sky” to “Frame in the Plane”

Mike Frame’s business card just keeps on growing, he’s already 2CC’s Classic Aussie & unofficial Lawn Bowls correspondent, as well as Southern Cross Ten’s colourful racing personality/racing commentator, and even New South Wales Lotteries’ ACT Promotions Person. Now he gets to add “Frame in the Plane” to it (if it fits).

Mike Frame is the new 2CC/2CA traffic reporter, as Andrew “Pye in the Sky” Pye is the new copywriter at 2ST Wollongong, after their previous copywriter left for the UK.

This is where things start to get a little bit convoluted. 2CC/2CA use the services of The Australian Traffic Network for their traffic reports, as do many other stations around the country. ATN provide traffic reporters to radio stations, and do so in a very transparent way, which makes the traffic reporters appear to work for the radio stations in the minds of listeners. Andrew Pye did work for 2CC on occasion as a panel operator and “around the grounds reporter” during Canberra Raiders matches. Mike Frame continues to work for 2CC as an announcer.

Andrew’s position with ATN was advertised on radioinfo a couple weeks ago, and I applied for it, although with the speed at which things I post seem to be moving of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if my application hasn’t left the post office yet.

The question that I am having trouble with at the moment is working out whether or not Mike Frame (who called himself “Frame in the Plane” this morning on Weekend Magazine…if they are still calling it that) is the permanent replacement for Andrew Pye, or just filling in? I suppose time will tell.


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Canberra Balloon Fiesta

After a week of unusual weather conditions preventing the hot air balloons from flying above Canberra, they were able to go up this morning, and should be able to do so again tomorrow.

Nattie and I won’t be letting the forecasted overnight low temperature of -1 degrees celcius get in our way…we’ll be making our way down there in the morning with the camera. I’m led to believe that 2CC’s Classic Aussie Mike “Frame in the Plane” Frame (more on that shortly) will be flying away in one of the balloons. Nattie and I will try and catch up with him.


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Samuel In Dolgnwot Revitalisation

Often scanned images have a tendency to look “washed out”, and the Samuel In Dolgnwot pictures are no exception, as can be seen in the scanned version of series two, episode three.
Samuel In Dolgnwot as scanned

I have been manually attempting to fix this with some tweaks to the brightness and contrast, which works to an extent.
Samuel In Dolgnwot with tweaks to brightness and contrast

However GIMP has a most useful feature which is designed to fix up the colours on scanned images automatically (it can be found under “Layer–>Colors–>Levels” and click the “Auto” button (Yes, I know, American software with American english). It does an excellent job.
Samuel In Dolgnwot after GIMP's automatic colour adjustment

I have now gone through and fixed up all of the Samuel In Dolgnwot images, and as such, they are now much more like the drawings, and much more lively.


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wp-content folder

As many of you would have noticed, just about every image you see here is buried somewhere in the /wp-content/ folder. Up until recently it was possible to browse this folder without hassle, which is something I don’t mind as I like people to be able to sift through the files in there, after all, it is all on the blog somewhere.

When I upgraded to version 2 of WordPress, the upgrade script added an index.php file to the /wp-content/ folder which produced a blank page instead of a directory listing. I noticed this the other day and it has now been removed.

Apart from people being able to peruse the files in there, it is also important to have this folder accessable so that the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA project can gather not only the posts and files I link to, but also an accurate a full collection and index of the files on the site. Back in January when the site was last archived by PANDORA they were able to do that because I had linked to one of the many Blog View Stats folders, and as such, were able to follow the links through to the rest of the directories. Having a blank index page on /wp-content/ would have made that task impossible.

Anyway, if you’re feeling curious, feel free to take a look around inside /wp-content/


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