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Samuel’s Musician Of The Week

This week the award goes to Kamahl (Kandian Hamalesvaran), a man with an extraoridinary voice, and a rather interesting biography.

He also does an extremely good cover of “The love she found in me”, the song I have chosen as this week’s feature song.

She looked into a heart so sad
And saw what no one ever had
Beneath the snow she saw the spring
She finds good in everything

Give her thorns and she’ll find roses
Give her sand and she’ll find sea
Give her rain and she’ll find rainbows
Just see the love she found in me
Just see the love she found in me

She looks beneath each tear that’s cried
And somehow sees the sunny side
And even on the darkest night
She knows where to find the light

Give her thorns and she’ll find roses
Give her sand and she’ll find sea
Give her rain and she’ll find rainbows
Just see the love she found in me
Just see the love she found in me

And when the world starts closing in
She gives me strength to smile again

Give her thorns and she’ll find roses
Give her sand and she’ll find sea
Give her rain and she’ll find rainbows
Just see the love she found in me
Just see the love she found in me


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Samuel In Dolgnwot: Series 2, Episode 5

Time for episode five of this second series of Samuel In Dolgnwot, and this week Samuel is walking around Dolgnwot with his gold detector and his gold map printout.
Samuel In Dolgnwot, Series Two, Episode 5: Samuel walking around Dolgnwot with his gold map and gold detector checking for gold

This episode was drawn on Saturday morning at about 4am whilst listening to John Kerr on the wireless. It is also the first episode to use a mechanical random number generator to decide the number of horizontal and vertical lines. In this case it went for 9 vertical lines and 8 horizontal lines. The random number generator I am using is a mini roulette wheel (standard type, not the american version which adds a 38th spot containing “00”), and instead of using a ball on the wheel, I use a marker at the top of the wheel holder to decide the number. I then use the last digit of the number, and take “0” as “10”. The number on the wheel used for the vertical lines (which are drawn first) cannot be reused for the horizontal lines, however it is possible to have the same amount of horizontal and vertical lines as many numbers on the wheel share the same last digit.

For example, if I spin up “25”, I would then have five vertical lines, and the next spin might be “30” which would give me 10 horizontal lines. The only number which would not be permitted as the second number in this case would be “25”, as it is already the first number.


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Daylight Saving Time Ends!

I’ve now corrected the GMT offset setting in wordpress to take into account the change back to Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10). I remember having to change it to GMT+11 when Daylight Saving started in October.

It was actually Monday, October 31 when I noticed that I hadn’t fixed the setting, as I went to manually alter the timestamp of my Happy 30th Birthday 2CC post to 7am before hitting the Publish button right on 7am. I then went to the front page of the blog and was shocked to find that my post had disappeared, it was showing up in the admin interface but not on the public side. The timestamp was correct, everything was correct, so what could have caused my perfectly timed post to not appear at the right time, 7am, to coincide with the anniversary 2CC’s first moments on-air (7am, 31 October 1975).

I then started thinking about Daylight Saving, which had come into effect the previous day, and realised that I hadn’t changed the timezone of the blog to be in line with Daylight Saving. I quickly rectified that, and my post magically appeared…albeit at one minute past the hour of seven o’clock.

Just looking back on that post about 2CC’s birthday, and John Kerr appears in it wishing 2CC a happy birthday!


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Samuel’s Blog Year In Review: April 2005

April 2005 was a funny month, as I just decided to utilise my account for journaling my time at Linux.Conf.Au 2005. April 17 was the first day, and it was the first, of many, time that I would manage to become lost.

It also saw me keeping track of the progress of my seminar, including a practice which went for too long, a backup plan, printer problems, a need for coffee after speaking, and even the realisation that the audio on my recording of my speech was not in the least bit clear.

Del was the first ever person other than Samuel to leave a comment. There was also some controversy about this website being a news source.

After Linux.Conf.Au I decided that I enjoyed blogging so much that I kept going, and in the few days left in the month the topics included ACTION messing up the bus network, and 2CA broadcasting AFL, a topic which prompted John B1_B5’s first comment.

Pictorial Highlights
The first photo to ever be on Samuel’s Blog, me and my conference bag
Me and my conference bag

Tux visits Linux.Conf.Au 2005
Tux visits Linux.Conf.Au 2005

Coming up tommorow on Samuel’s Blog Year In Review, the month of May 2005.


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