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April 17th, 2005 at 05:02pm

Well, I set off for LCA check-in just after 3pm today. I didn’t bring a map as I had viewed the map on the LCA website enough times to know where I was going….or so I thought. After a few bendy roads and some carparks that “you just can’t see on a map” I found some buildings, and quite a few people…seemed good, then I realised that it might not be such a good thing, I spotted the ANU Drill Hall Gallery, a people magnet, suddenly “Is this the right street” was going through my head. I turned left, went down the road and found a construction site…and extension of some faculty, “uh oh”. Ahead of that was the copland building and conference theatre, “that looks familiar, but why doesn’t the road continue, and shouldn’t this road be over there???”…Turned right and walked along a path…A sign telling me which way to go to the Manning Clark Centre…walking up the stairs, it’s not that building, it’s not that building either…ahhhh, there it is.
It appears that all photos of it are taken from the other direction, which is wonderful, as it provides no landmarks whatsoever.

Anyways I went in an collected my bag of goodies (aka “shwag”) which I will put a photo up for shortly. On the way out I spotted somebody that looked familiar from a video of LCA2004, google shirt, tallish, yes, I think it was Marc Merlin, I could be mistaken, but it certainly looked like him.

On the way out I noticed something, on the ground written in red “Linux.Conf.Au” and an arrow pointing to the venue…should have looked at the ground

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