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Practice Run

Yes, I know that I am probably dreadfully late with this considering that it is only 1 day, 11 hours and 55 minutes until my seminar, but I am now going to have my first proper practice run.
I have created the outline notes and printed them, now I disappear to an empty room and pretend to be delivering the finshed product to an audience. Once I’m done I’ll make and neccessary changes and then produce the slideshow (in Open Office 2.0 Beta of course!)

Samuel Gordon-Stewart reporting for Samuel’s lcaLIVE

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Me & My Conference Bag

Me & my conference bag

The items:
Front: Discount Linux books, Linux.Conf.Au balloon, Mastering Requirements Process booklet, See Yourself In Canberra booklet.
Furhter back: IT Security In Government booklet, VOIP World booklet, Builder Magazine, Accelerate Your Application Performance booklet.
Furhter back: Some bizzare network cable extender (I think), HP multipurpose tool, Linux.Conf.Au handbook, Pen (Blue), Spirax note pad 200 pages, Multi Page Linux.Conf.Au programme, single page minituare Linux.Conf.Au programme, Sun Developers Toolkit DVD (trial versions of Sun software and more).
Back: Me, ANU Campus Map, Name Tag, Discount voucher for Purple Pickle Cafe, Linux.Conf.Au nametag holder, Insulated travel mug with screw-on lid and LCA logo, Linux.Conf.Au conference bag.
Background: Linux.Conf.Au shirt

My photo gallery is now the home of Samuel’s lcaLIVE photos!!

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Always look at the ground!

Well, I set off for LCA check-in just after 3pm today. I didn’t bring a map as I had viewed the map on the LCA website enough times to know where I was going….or so I thought. After a few bendy roads and some carparks that “you just can’t see on a map” I found some buildings, and quite a few people…seemed good, then I realised that it might not be such a good thing, I spotted the ANU Drill Hall Gallery, a people magnet, suddenly “Is this the right street” was going through my head. I turned left, went down the road and found a construction site…and extension of some faculty, “uh oh”. Ahead of that was the copland building and conference theatre, “that looks familiar, but why doesn’t the road continue, and shouldn’t this road be over there???”…Turned right and walked along a path…A sign telling me which way to go to the Manning Clark Centre…walking up the stairs, it’s not that building, it’s not that building either…ahhhh, there it is.
It appears that all photos of it are taken from the other direction, which is wonderful, as it provides no landmarks whatsoever.

Anyways I went in an collected my bag of goodies (aka “shwag”) which I will put a photo up for shortly. On the way out I spotted somebody that looked familiar from a video of LCA2004, google shirt, tallish, yes, I think it was Marc Merlin, I could be mistaken, but it certainly looked like him.

On the way out I noticed something, on the ground written in red “Linux.Conf.Au” and an arrow pointing to the venue…should have looked at the ground

Samuel Gordon-Stewart reporting for Samuel’s lcaLIVE

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Welcome to Samuel’s lcaLIVE

Greetings internet traveller, welcome to my blog, the official site of Samuel’s lcaLIVE.
Over the next week or so, Samuel’s lcaLIVE will bring you all the latest news and information relating to me and Linux.Conf.Au 2005

Today is Sunday 17 April 2005 and the first day of the week of LCA, I will be going to the venue today to complete my registration. I could do that tommorow morning, but I expect that there will be a large amount of people doing that tommorow morning. While I am down there I will try to find out some information about live video/audio of the event.

Today I am putting the final touches on my seminar which will occur at 11am on Tuesday, stay tuned for more details.

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