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December 18th, 2005 at 11:10pm

Carols In The Park seemed to go quite well, with plenty of entertainment and a spot of good weather (although it did rain here in Reid, which isn’t far from Norwood Park). 2CC ran a simulcast of the event, with a Mike Frame outside broadcast thrown in. 2CC gave listeners the chance to ring in and wish people a merry christmas, I thought they would be run off their feet with callers, but they weren’t, and half an hour into the broadcast I became the first caller. I wished Cheryl (A nurse who lives near me and listens to 2CC) a merry christmas, to which Mike Frame announced that he has a sister named Cheryl who is a nurse, unfortunately we didn’t have time to work out if it was the same person or not.

The carols went well, 2CC took ad breaks during carol breaks, and continued to run the news on the hour. The thing that had me concerned was their plan at 9:30 when the carols were due to end, obviously they couldn’t return to Sydney programming and mess up the advertising schedule, so what to do?

9:30 came around and Mike Frame announced that they would play christmas requests until 10pm, he said goodnight, and somehow, with a combination of requested music, promos and generic ads the staff in the Mitchell studios managed to time out for the 10PM news perfectly. Well done!

Apparently Norwood Park plan on doing it all again next year, the only thing I can advise is that they schedule it for a night when free-to-air television isn’t running a different carols ceremony, as Channel 7’s screening of “Carols In The Domain” may have cost Norwood Park a few people.

Overall the event went well, and everyone at 2CC did an excellent job, hopefully the Aurora coverage went just as well. I might just take this opportunity to wish the couple who got engaged just after 6PM at Norwood Park all the best for their wedding and the future.


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