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They all have the donut in common.

I had a rather unusual dream a couple of nights ago. In this dream I was helping to organise a stage by placing a microphone, however a table was in the position where the microphone needed to be, so I helped to move the table. One of the other table movers informed me that the donuts on the desk in the corner were fantastic, so I took a seat at the desk and started to eat a chocolate donut, which tasted very nice. When I looked around the scenery had changed, I was in my former workplace, sitting at a desk in the corner watching proceedings whilst eating the donut. I saw many familiar faces, and even saw a short young indian man who had taken my job and seemed to be enjoying it. I started to notice security personnel running about escorting people out of the room, and when I looked to my left, the scenery had changed again and I was looking at the door of a very large safe (which, incidentally, I have never seen before), and there was my former boss explaining something to the security personnel, after which they all came over and started eating donuts. I was still enjoying the chocolate donut.

Probably the most interesting thing about this dream is the way the scenery can change, and it is not noticed. A dream can change location many times without being thought about.


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ACT Government Shopfronts take a day off!

This morning I made the journey to my local ACT Government Shopfront (oddly named “Canberra Connect”) with some fairly important papers, only to discover that they have all taken the day off. Perhaps they were confused by the change of public holidays by ACT Industrial Relations minister Katy Gallagher and didn’t realise that today isn’t a public holiday, maybe they thought that it would be nice to have another day off.

Either way, they have flown in the face of just about every other ACT government agency, as the rest all seem to realise today is not a public holiday, and in the process inconvenienced a lot of the ACT public, who walked up to the doors of Canberra Connect agencies to find a “We are closed” sign. In fact, a family was walking there at the same time as me, and were equally disappointed.

This will only make the queues worse tomorrow and Friday…


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