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Samuel’s Persiflage #1

Samuel's Persiflage
Well, it’s been a long time coming, and now, at long long last, after lots and lots of behind the scenes work, my podcast, Samuel’s Persiflage, is online.

This, being the first episode, I run through what Samuel’s Persiflage is all about, and why I chose the name, then there is a brief discussion of the John Kerr situation.

Next up we have an interview with Dave Smith from the Plain English Campaign where we discuss all manner of things to do with Plain English and the campaign, including a look at some of the gobledegook they found in their latest Plain English Awards. A minor technical issue created some telephone line echo during this interview.

There are some interesting little news stories and even an email from a listener.

There is also have an interview with Gary Floyd, a teacher/librarian who used to work in radio, he has an interesting tale or two to tell.

There is a bit more news, and then it is time to wrap up the show.

The file itself is available here, and is 49:01 in length (22.4MB) at 64kbps mono.

For those of you who are using podcast software to receive your podcasts, the feed can be found here. I actually decided to hand code the feed as I didn’t like the way WordPress produced it, and also felt that I had more control over it by hand coding it.

I am currently waiting for the podcast to be added to Itunes, I have submitted it, and just have to wait for it to go on the list. I will also be submitting it to other podcast directories shortly.
(Update: iTunes Subscribe Link here)

Podcast related questions and comments can be sent to or left in the comments section of this post.


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2CC Movements Of The Week

The Christmas/New Year period is always interesting on radio as you can never be quite sure who will be doing what, this week has been no exception.

2CC started off the week with Leigh Zaghet on the breakfast show, and took the 2UE drive show with Steve Liebmann (of Today show and “Be alert, not alarmed” fame). Steve handled himself very well, making sure that the show wasn’t Sydney-centric, whilst Leigh ran the breakfast show quite well. Newsreaders were also mildly odd, with only mornings being produced locally, with Kris McKenzie up to his usual high standard.

Wednesday saw public holiday mode disappear (slightly), with the return to two local presenters. Kevin Woolfe took over brekafast, whilst Leigh Zaghet made the move to the drive show. Interestingly, this is a duo that I predicted in conversation with my bus driver friend in the week before Christmas, and semi-predicted back on December 17. News has still only been local in the morning, but 2UE have maintained their usual high quality news during the day, so it hasn’t been overly noticeable. The last couple days have seen David Morgan reading the news locally.

I suppose the question now is “what will happen tomorrow?”, I can’t say that I know, but I will make a fearless prediction that Mike Frame will be back tomorrow, as I seem to recall that he was having a week off.

That leaves next week for pondering, and I am going to suggest, that with Mike Frame back, he will resume the drive show, and Kevin Woolfe will continue the breakfast show, that is, unless Mike Welsh returns (I think he still has another week off, his daughter is/was getting married during his holidays), in which case he will probably return to the brekafast show until Mike Jeffreys returns on January 16 (I previously stated that Mike was returning on January 9, this was a calculation error).

I might just clarify what I think will happen, as I’ve just gone through a convulted list of possibilities, so my predictions are as follows.

This weekend Mike Frame will return to Weekend Magazine and The Trading Post.
On Monday, Kevin Woolfe will continue the breakfast show, and Mike Frame will return to the drive show.
The following week (Starting Monday January 9), Mike Welsh will return to the breakfast show (I could be certain he said he was having two weeks off), and Mike Frame will continue with the drive show.
The week after that (Starting Monday January 16), Mike Jeffreys will return to the breakfast show, Mike Welsh will return to the drive show.

Obviously these are just my predictions based on a sketchy memory of leave details mentioned on-air, and previous listening experience.

Now, just briefly, a bit of trivia for you. Did you know that 2CC’s occasional fill-in Leigh Zaghet and 2UE’s New Day Australia weekend fill-in Spencer Kirk both work in the same company when not filling in on 2CC and 2UE? Leigh Zaghet is Southern Cross Syndication’s Senior Broadcast Operator, whilst Spencer Kirk is their Digital Courier Manager.


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