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New Day Australia Christmas Function News

This will be the final post before I head off this morning, infact, you might not hear back from me until tomorrow. As you may be aware, I should be at the Opera House by 11:30am, be boarding the Lady Rose at midday, and be back on land by 4pm (again at the Opera House).

This here is a live view from a webcam overlooking Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour LIVE!

You can actually gain control of this camera for two minutes by visiting

Canon also have a webcam with a similar control system on top of their building, the difference with it being that you can literally zoom in on a car licence plate, so you could try and spot me at the Opera House with it. For the Canon Webcam visit

Next up we have a lovely weatherzone button with the current temperature, time and wind in Sydney, clicking on it will take you to a more detailed weatherzone page.

The bureau of meteorology have this to say about Sydney weather, issued at 4:30am

Humid. A few showers and afternoon or evening thunderstorms. Light west to northwest winds turning light to moderate north to northeast.

I should have lots of photos and writing about the cruise and my trip on this site sometime on Friday.

Finally, I spoke with John Kerr this morning at about 2:25am, click here to hear our conversation.


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Firefox 1.5 Is Out

Firefox 1.5 was released earlier today, but due to Mozilla moving from to the download link was slightly hidden. Thankfully Mozilla have corrected that in the last few hours (mostly), but I’ll put a link here anyway.

When I started using it I noticed instantly that the menus have changed appearance slightly and now look similar to those seen in Open Office. The tabs are now sortable, RSS/Atom feed notification icon now appears in the address bar rather than the status bar, the options window has been reorganised to make it easier to use, and some dialog boxes have been improved. Another thing I had heard about and checked out for myself is the fact that a lot of the dialog box spawning errors (such as site not found) now bring up an error page, similar to the way Internet Explorer handles it. This is good in some ways and bad in others, but the page looks nice and friendly so overall I’ll say it’s good.

Here is an example of an error page generated when I deliberately misspelled the URL for this site. (Click to enlarge)
Firefox Error Page

Other notable improvements include

  • Faster “back” and “forward” browsing
  • Improvements to the Gecko rendering engine, with support for new standars, and even better support for older ones
  • Optionally automatic updates. Updates are also now “update size” rather than the old full reinstall system
  • The ability to clear the private data (browsing history, cookies, saved passwords etc) with a “tools” menu entry or key combination (presumably with confirmation dialog box, I haven’t tried it yet).
    Update: Just tried it out and it sure beats going through parts of the options window to find the data to clear!
    The Clear Private Data Dialog Box
  • New levels of disabled person accessibility to the browser. Firefox 1.5 is the first browser to ever meet US government accessibility standards for people with physical impairments.
  • And lots more…

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly suggest that you give Firefox a try, I use it and love it, and it happily and easily imports settings from other browsers.

That link again


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