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It’s that time of the month when the statistics get rolled out again. Below you will find my summary of the stats, and most of the source material can be found at

Webstat stopped counting about midway through the second last day of the month as the site exceeded the montly page views for a free Webstat account. We still have a pretty good overview of the month though.

There were 20,002 page views from 4160 visitors, a new record on this blog, far exceeding the previous month’s 2,571 page views from 818 visitors.

The day with the most page views was Thursday the 10th, with 2,243 page views, that day also had the most visitors with 475.

The most popular article was When You Let The Loonies Out Of The Asylum… with a total of 1000 views (including the multiple URLs).

Google was by far the most popular search engine, with more than 90% of all search engine referrals coming from Google’s many sites.

samuel gordon stewart
was the most popular search query, accounting for 74 of the referrals, followed by schnappi video on 68 and rex hunt bashed on 14

Internet Explorer accounted for 62.65% of all traffic (C’mon people, at least try Firefox, I’ve taken Firefox’s goodness for granted lately, but I’ve just been subjected to Internet Explorer again, and is it painful or what?), Firefox followed on 30.98% & Safari was next with 4.06%

Windows was the Operating System of choice for many, accounting for 92.16%, followed by Macintosh on 6.24% and Linux on 1.58%

Australia is still the dominent country when it comes to the readership of this blog, 91.48% of all readers are from Australia, the other countries don’t even make double digits, the UK (2.97%) and the US (1.76%) are the only others to make it above 1%.

AwStats tells me that my conversation with John Laws topped the file downloads, it was downloaded 312 times. Also popular was the last published (and now quite outdated) aircheck from myself, downloaded 242 times. The highlights package of “32 Musical People” rounded out the top three with 87 downloads.

AwStats also tells me that the top three referring websites for the month were, The Spin Starts Here with 3259 referrals, The RiotACT with 146 referrals and Loadedog with 27.

As stated before, the full webstat reports can be seen at


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