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Glenn Wheeler filling in for Stan Zemanek

With Stan Zemanek on leave for a few weeks (I think 4 weeks was the quoted figure), Glenn Wheeler will be pulling a seven day a week shift filling in for Stan. Glenn has also announced that he will still be doing his weekend afternoon show on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

For those who are still wondering where Glenn Wheeler is now that he isn’t on 2GB, you can find him on 2UE and network stations from 8PM-Midnight on weekdays, and Midday-6PM on weekends. Note that network station times may vary, I would say “check your local guides”, but has anyone seen a radio guide lately? What happened to them?


December 19th, 2005 at 07:38pm

What’s The Time Mr Wolf?

You may have heard the story recently about NatWest bank removing their clocks in an effort to prevent people complaining about waiting times. Oddly enough, ANZ are doing something similar, rather than removing clocks, they have introduced a “no queue” system where you take a ticket and wait for your number to be called. For this they have a display borad which shows the time and the current ticket number, the time is also printed on your ticket, except the time printed on your ticket is five minutes or so ahead of the time shown on the clock.

If you are waiting for ten minutes, you could look at your ticket and end up thinking “that was a long five minutes, but it’s not too long and I’ll keep waiting”. This might work for now, but ANZ, you really need to think about this properly, I’m not going to be the only person to notice, and god help you if Today Tonight or A Current Affair find out.

For your own sake ANZ, fix this before it damages your reputation and loses customer confidence.


December 19th, 2005 at 04:48pm

For those with a time machine…

If you have a time machine then you might be able to benefit from the ads running on 2CC telling us that Carols In The Park will be held at Norwood Park on December 17.

Anybody care to tell me who the bright spark was that bought advertising to run after the event?


2 comments December 19th, 2005 at 04:33pm

Humphrey and Nattie

This morning at 10:30 Nattie, Humphrey and myself watched an episode of Here’s Humphrey in which Humphrey built a magic car which went on an adventure and sent him postcards. As always, Here’s Humphrey was a lot of fun. Nattie sat on my lap right through the show, as did Humphrey, and after the show I took this photo of Nattie sitting with Humphrey.
Nattie sitting with Humphrey

As per usual, Humphrey will be making an appreance with his good friend Santa on Christmas eve on Carols By Candlelight. Nattie, Humphrey and myself will all be watching.


20 comments December 19th, 2005 at 12:09pm

ACTION and the Emergency Cabbage

When I have a strange dream, I have a very strange dream.

Last night I dreamed that I found an ACTION bus (of the Renault PR100.2 type, not the horrid green contraptions) and decided to run an intertown service before parking it near my house, when I got home I needed to ring 000 (Australia’s emergency phone number) for some reason, so I picked up the phone and dialled 000, only to be greeted by an operator who wanted to talk about cabbages.


4 comments December 19th, 2005 at 12:35am


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