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Welcome Glenn to the Samuel household

With thanks to the lovely people at Rydges Eagle Hawk (where I was yesterday with work), we welcome Glenn the kangaroo to the Samuel Household.
Glenn the Kangaroo

I can hear some people asking why I named him Glenn, well my reasoning is that “Rydges” is written on his front, and I instantly made the connection between that and Glenn Ridge, former host of television’s “Sale Of The Century”, and so decided to name the kangaroo after Glenn Ridge.
Glenn the Kangaroo

Glenn the kangaroo now happily resides in my household, on one of the many cabinets, which he shares with many other animal figurines of similar size.

As a side note, I must say that Rydges Eagle Hawk have a very professional, courteous and cheerful staff, they are also extremely good at making coffee, and their quiche is brilliant, it’s light, fluffy and delicious. The people at Rydges Eagle Hawk deserve accolades for their fantastic effort, I personally made a special effort to thank them for their brilliant food, drink and service by informing one of the staff of my thoughts.

Glenn the kangaroo will always serve as a reminder of the brilliance of Rydges Eagle Hawk and will naturally be a valued member of the Samuel household.


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2UE and 2CC on holiday

Anybody who stopped listening to 2UE a few weeks back and started listening again in the last week could have been certain they were listening to a different radio station. 2UE in this time have completely changed the weekend schedule, changed weekend overnight presenter, and more recently sent the entire weekday daylight lineup on holidays, leaving a very different sounding station.

Mike Carlton is replaced by Peter FitzSimons, somebody who regular Sports Today listeners might recognise.

John Laws is replaced by Tim Webster, this will be in force for seven weeks whilst Lawsie takes a break, unlike his last extended break which was due to back surgery, he will probably be paid for this one.

John Stanley is replaced by Murray Olds, which probably indicates that John Mangos was another victim of the recent lineup changes, either being made redundant or choosing to leave. John Mangos no longer appears on the 2UE website, which I think is a loss for 2UE, but it’s good to see that Murray Olds has stayed with them, as he always had a quality show on the weekends.

Steve Price is replaced by Steve Liebmann, the former Channel 9 and “terrorism education advertising” personality who moved to 2UE a couple months ago.

Stan Zemanek isn’t on holidays yet, and it isn’t entirely clear who will fill in when he does go on holidays. Glenn Wheeler filled in the other night when Stan was at the 2UE christmas party, but I can’t see Glenn filling in for Stan AND doing the weekend show…it has happened before though, George Moore did fill in for Lawsie and do his weekend show with Paul B. Kidd quite a few times. Previously Mike Williams would fill in for Stan, but would you want to run seven night shows every week?

If John Kerr goes on holiday I would expect Stuart Bocking to fill in, as has been the role of the weekend New Day Australia presenter for yonks, but then who will fill in on the weekend version?

Then there is Christmas day, a day which often sees the less well known people running shows, but who will be on air this year? Anybody have any suggestions?

2CC will probably have Kevin Woolfe filling in for Mike Jeffreys and Mike Frame filling in for Mike Welsh, with the possibility of Leigh Zaghet filling in on the weekend shows over the Christmas/New Year public holidays and related observances.


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