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On This Day

I just noticed that it was on this day (October 4) last year, that I met Mike Frame showing of the 2CC Kingswood outside Video Ezy Erindale.

I posted a detailed photographic tour of it last year, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Mike Frame and the 2CC Kingswood

And seeing as Framey mentioned it on 2CC just a couple minutes ago, click here or see below for Mike Frame’s Shoprite advertisement.


October 4th, 2006 at 06:00pm

John B1_B5 leaves the building

I’m sorry to have to announce that John B1_B5 has announced to me by email that he will not be returning, I’m hoping that this is only temporary, but if not, well let me just say that I am deeply saddened by this.

John was the first person to leave a comment and stick around…until today I had never seen him utter profanities with his keyboard, and for the most part he has been one of the nicest people on the Internet.

I suppose this could have been avoided…if the whole bun fight with The Spin Starts Here hadn’t happened (I’ve already had a debate in the last 24 hours about who started it…I’m not having that debate again), then John B1_B5 wouldn’t have been the subject of their jokes, I wouldn’t have had an influx of visitors from that site, and the last twelve months of a lot of peoples’ lives would have been very different.

This is the kind of thing that really tests my faith in online communities…the online world is already filled with egomaniacs (myself included to some extent), but things get out of hand here in a much worse way than they do in most real-life situations. I had a bunch of things planned for today on this blog…they can all wait for tomorrow now…I was going to close the blog for the next six hours or so to give everybody a chance to calm…but it’s pointless to do that if it obscures this message.

Update 4/October @ 3:22pm: For one reason or another a whole lot of people seem to be interested in what happened in the leadup to today’s odd activity. So, I will now reprint the deleted comments, and (to provide context) the non-deleted comments which surrounded them. Let’s start with the Copyright, licence, etc post.

Warning: The following content contain language which may offend, it violates my general family-friendly policy, and you are advised to scroll to the next article if you are likely to be offended.

Loki @ 12:41am October 4 (not deleted):

John, I must say that comment is “off topic”.

And who would adjudicate this “poster Arpartheid”?

Let me guess … you?

I can’t see what your inane, off topic, idea has to do with copyright, or anything else Samuel mentioned.

*Disclaimer: I am not criticising John, or any of his many alter-egos, personally, I am merely replying to his sentiments regarding this post, and would have reacted in precisely in the same way to any other contributor to this blog.

John Barnes (aka John B1_B5) @ 6:34am October 4 (not deleted):

Whatever you say doesn’t cut any ice with me Loki . You’re just another faceless nobody hiding behind a keyboard.

John Barnes (aka John B1_B5) @ 7:33am October 4 (deleted):

So don’t dictate to me what I can or can’t say on a site that isn’t even yours, you faceless whimp.

Loki @ 7:48am October 4 (deleted):

Now that name calling is exactly what Samuel has warned us all about John, and it’s not very helpful!

Loki @ 7:49am October 4 (not deleted…a response to one of John’s comments which Loki seems to have taken in good humour):

And I don’t have the keyboard up to my face – that would be a very odd way to use it!

John Barnes (aka John B1_B5) @ 8:20am October 4 (deleted):

Go stick your face up your rear end you tincan nobody.

Now let’s move on to the other post which contained the strange “goings-ons”, the Leave John B1_B5 Alone Please post, originally placed there to stop people picking on John for no good reason, pity he had to start doing it to others.

John Barnes (aka John B1_B5) @ 11:35pm October 3 (not deleted):

And here we see one of the brothel creepers creeping around the local brothel –

Loki @ 12:24am October 4 (not deleted):

That’s one very odd statue, John!

John Barnes (aka John B1_B5) @ 7:38am October 4 (deleted):

Oh no, that’s not a statue, that’s a picture of Loki crawling from one brothel to another.

Loki @ 7:51am October 4 (deleted):

John, I just made a friendly, constructive comment about you post with teh odd statue, and you come back with nastiness.

Have you not read what Samuel declared in this very post? Are you setting a positive example for participants in this blog with such negative comments?

John Barnes (aka John B1_B5) @ 8:23am October 4 (deleted):

You’re a spineless nobody Loki, and I’ll say whatever I like.
What do you intend to do about it you wimp ?

These comments have been copied verbatim from my email, as every comment posted here gets sent to me by email.

It was a tad before 10:30am when I checked my email, and I sent John B1_B5 the following email:


Sorry but I can’t enforce one rule for some, and another for rule for others, the name calling has been deleted (with the exclusion of one comment and retort…the one about Loki hiding behind a keyboard, the retort indicates that Loki saw that one with some humour…not that I understand why.)


John, about ten minutes later sent the now infamous following email to me:

I’m not going to be insulted by that faceless piece of shit Samuel . I won’t be back !

I replied with:

OK well that’s your choice and I’m sorry it’s come to this.

Have a nice day John, I hope this isn’t a permanent goodbye, but if it is, then it’s been nice knowing you, and I’ve enjoyed having you on my site for as long as you’ve been there.


I haven’t heard back, and after re-reading all of this I can only assume that John woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…this all seems very sudden and very odd.

Johnboy (of RiotACT fame) started wondering if John B1_B5 would remain on local talk radio…well he was the first caller on 2CC’s drive show today…I was bracing myself for an on-air berating, but instead found myself listening to John chatting with Mike Frame about retread tyres, and how he thinks they should be illegal.

Incidentally, John B1_B5 has noted on his blog that he does not see how any of this has to do with The Spin Starts Here…well as I said before, if last year’s bun fight with them hadn’t occurred, then nobody would have tried to label John as a pedophile, and none of these ongoing “jokes” would ever have happened, and we wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

End update


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