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They might be dumb, but they still know how to make money

From today’s collection of spam emails:

From: Ben <>
Reply-To: Ben <>
Date: Oct 7, 2006 5:43 PM
Subject: Is your website offline, or why can’t I find it on Yahoo?

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You don’t want our messages anymore? Simply click here



ijesfexk Xeeaeonacre Dukkeejie Yeloyvyure Tecwq: (0 60 88) – 41 45 02 56 Abneleef Cjgedn-lcpet

sletaeig Pieieexatre Yuujespse Depxxuvute Veoyq Eeptw Rebwc Ubbemeof Amreah-nycer

I’ve stripped out the links, but you get the drift. It looks like “Ben” is taking the domain names of email addresses, and adding them to the body of the message, in an attempt to get website owners to pay him/her/it.

Never mind the fact that the vast majority of email addresses which are spammed (and the vast majority of email addresses for that matter) are not used by the person responsible for the maintenance and administration of the domain name in the email address, and the vast majority of people who do run websites know that search engine optimisers don’t work…they might get you listed on Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, but you need the links from real websites, not funny little search engines and directories, to increase your page ranking.

For example, do a search for pages which link to this website…I can guarantee you that this site is listed in a few hundred or more directories and little search engines, and none, or almost none of them will appear in the results.

That being said, somebody, somewhere, will follow the link and enter their credit card details, under the false impression that, this will somehow bring in more traffic (or who knows what else they might think it will do)…and then they can wait for all the nice unknown credit card charges to appear…endless fun can be had in spam!


October 7th, 2006 at 10:59pm

Google to buy YouTube?

I just noticed on AAP that Google are in talks to buy YouTube for about USD$1.6 Billion.

Previously analysts have said that only a fool would buy YouTube, because of the large amount of potential lawsuits over copyright infringements…however Google have worked out a way to sell some videos on Google Video (Leo Laporte’s “Call For Help” sells for 99 US cents per episode on Google Video) and have obviously dealt with the same legal issues as YouTube, so they are probably the right people to buy YouTube.

I just hope Google utilise the YouTube flash player as a replacement for their own, and learn a thing or two about ease of use from YouTube’s uploader interface.


5 comments October 7th, 2006 at 01:53pm

Glenn Wheeler, Dennis Leigh, John Kerr & Clive Robertson

I suppose if we put that jolly band of gentlemen (not a trio as I originally wrote) together on one show, it would be a very lively show, but I’m not sure that their personalities would work with each other. With that in mind, it’s probably a good thing that they’re not on the same show.

Glenn Wheeler has returned to 2CC’s weekend afternoon timeslot, and it looks like he will be on for the full six hours each day this summer and surrounds, it also looks like the overly Sydney-centric first couple hours which 2CC avoided last summer have been scrapped. Canberra listeners could be forgiven for thinking that 2UE and 2CC are owned by the same people today, as the 2CA/2CC traffic reporter, Dennis Leigh, is reporting on Sydney traffic for 2UE (and therefore 2CC) today.

When Glenn started on 2UE, he filled in on New Day Australia…and if his timecall at 12:14pm is anything to go by, he wants to do it again…”14 past midnight” indeed…maybe on the other side of the world…ah, that explains it…timecalls for the webstream!

Speaking of New Day Australia, with Stuart Bocking taking the week off for a well deserved break, John Kerr will be filling in until 5:30am on Thursday, John will then take some time off, and Clive Robertson will run the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday shows. Stuart should be back for the Tuesday show.


4 comments October 7th, 2006 at 01:01pm


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