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Samuel’s Blog: Part of Canberra’s “Weird” Quota

I see that Johnboy of RiotACT fame has decided that this blog is part of Canberra’s “weird” contribution to the blogosphere…to be quite honest, I’m flattered, and I would be tempted to replace “It’s just not normal” if I wasn’t one of five Canberra bloggers apparently “pumping all the weird into the blogosphere”.

I’ve always been a little bit odd, and it seems that those who didn’t like the fact that I’m not quite the same as everyone else, have backed off a bit, and seen the good side to my quirks and differences. “Weird” is, in reality, a bit of a fun complement…the opposite of which being “normal”, something which nobody to date has been able to define with any degree of authority.

However, and I really didn’t want to push this war of words along, John B1_B5 is not impressed with being declared one of Canberra’s weirdest, and has hit back at Johnboy and The RiotACT…according to John B1_B5, The RiotACT is “The most boring site on the Internet”, Johnboy has “no idea how utterly BORING his postings are” and his postings are often “highly inaccurate and poorly researched”.

Quite clearly, John B1_B5 is not impressed, and is really flying off the handle in disgust at the moment. It is rather interesting though that, after calling Johnboy’s article “highly inaccurate and poorly researched”, John B1_B5 went on to say:

never let the facts get in the way of a “good story” by this Commonwealth Public
Servant, who seems to devote a large amount of time posting stuff on his
private website during Public Service working hours .

OK, now who’s highly inaccurate and poorly researched? Johnboy used to work at Parliament House in the press gallery for a private company…he is now doing similar work from home on The Concatenate…at least since I’ve been reading RiotACT (April 2005) Johnboy has not been working for the public service…maybe before that, but I wouldn’t know about that.

Both Johns are quite entitled to their opinions, and it is of little concern to me what they think of each other, but if sanity is to prevail here, I would expect Johnboy to ignore John B1_B5’s bizarre retort.

Moving back to Samuel’s Blog for a moment, just for prosperity, here is what Johnboy wrote:

Samuel Gordon Stewart who’s blog would be less remarkable if he was 50 years older, and is currently (as near as I can make out) blogging statements he was hoping to make on talk-back radio.

Well, close, copies of emails I sent to Tim Webster…I missed bits of the show so I don’t know if he read either email out or not…it’s also interesting to note that on RiotACT, my name has been unhyphenated by Johnboy for over a week…oh well, all a bit of fun I suppose!


4 comments October 6th, 2006 at 10:20pm

Windows Service Packs Stop Ships Sinking

I can probably put this dream down to days filled with Windows Update and last night’s episode of Stargate SG1 where Prometheus was destroyed by an Ori satellite.

The dream starts in the music corridor of Campbell High School as it looked in 2003 (a corridor I haven’t been in for at least three years), I am standing down the end with the door which leads out to the Central Quad (a place I named by declaration “Samuel Central Quad” when it was re-opened after being closed for part of a year) and looking towards the “keyboard lab” (a room at the end of the corridor), there are other people around walking about. All of a sudden there is a quiet bang, and the corridor starts to tilt, something which I announce in the dream. It is quite apparent to me in the dream that we have hit an iceberg and are sinking, so I rush down the corridor and turn left.

The dream hits an abrupt scene change at this point, and I am walking towards a command centre of some sort…there is a general sense of emergency and I go over to see a technician who is sitting at one of the computers…he informs me that the copy of Windows XP that we have to use is three years old, and we will have to apply updates ourselves…he then goes to the Windows Update website and I (seemingly being in charge) inform everyone of how annoyed I am that we don’t have these updates stored locally…by this time it has become apparent that we are saving the Internet, and not a boat…why? I don’t know, but we were.

The dream ends there…I wonder if we saved the Internet or the boat…with the track record of XP, I doubt it.


3 comments October 6th, 2006 at 02:00pm

Telstra take two

Morning again Tim,

Telstra already are trying out an "operational seperation" between wholesale (equipment) and retail…so I see no problem with keeping the wholesale section in government hands and selling off the retail section.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

October 6th, 2006 at 10:30am


Good morning Tim,

I’m not in the least bit surprised that Sol announced his new 3G mobile network today…Vodafone launched their faster but smaller network earlier in the week, Telstra have their own infrastucture in place and have had for a while…finally they’re turning it on!

Pity it’s not great technology for the bush.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

October 6th, 2006 at 10:30am

It must be holiday season

It looks like half the on-air staff at 2CC and 2UE are on holidays or suffering from a “lurgy” at the moment.

2CC’s Drive presenter Mike Welsh is on holidays, Mike Frame is filling in for him, except for today…Mike is busy hosting a racing luncheon (if my memory serves me correctly) which means that Kris McKenzie will be hosting the drive show today. Thankfully 2CC don’t believe in having “filling in for” in the voiceovers, otherwise we might hear “Kris McKenzie for Mike Frame, filling in for Mike Welsh, with thanks to Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers, on your talk radio, twelve oh six, two double C”.

Mike Frame will be back on deck on Saturday for the weekend programming, and Glenn Wheeler will be returning to weekend afternoons on 2CC. At this stage it is unclear whether or not 2CC will block out Sydney programming between midday and 2pm like they did last year, but it is clear that Framey won’t be hosting those two hours…perhaps a general talk show with Kris on Saturday and a local sport show on Sunday?

Stuart Bocking is having a week off next week, so John Kerr will be filling in for him, John will probably also run his normal weekend show this weekend, and leave it to Clinton Maynard next weekend. John has been afflicted by ill health a bit lately, so there is a chance of Clinton getting a weekday berth in the coming week.

John Laws is also due back on Monday, although I wouldn’t hold my breath, and if he does come back, I wouldn’t expect him to be there all week. His health problems are becoming more of a concern, and I do have to wonder how much longer 2UE will put up with his endless amounts of sick leave.


October 6th, 2006 at 07:56am


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