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John B1_B5 Disappointed That I Wasn’t In Erindale On Saturday…In My Dreams

This is the second dream that I had on Saturday night…it did not actually happen, and I want to make that perfectly clear before anybody thinks it did.

This dream was very short, it consisted of me receiving an email from John B1_B5 where he informs me that he is very disappointed that I wasn’t in attendance at the Erindale Shopping Centre on Saturday when 2CC’s Mike Frame, Vicky Berry and others ran an outside broadcast as part of the grand opening celebrations of a new newsagency (I don’t remember the name). I then replied, and we were both talking to each other again.

I think the dream was a combination of events from Saturday…firstly a phone call from an informant who was at the outside broadcast and was surprised that I wasn’t…and secondly a brief discussion I had with Clayton Northcutt after recording an interview with him for Samuel’s Persiflage on Saturday night.


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Arboretum Officially On Hold

2CC News is reporting that the Stanhope Budget Hydrohazard Memorial Tree Garden (the arboretum we can’t afford and don’t have enough water to support) has officially been put on hold. Chief Turnip Stanhope is still babbling about how the tree garden will be the best tourist attraction Canberra has ever seen and he hopes future governments will plant the garden.

The Arboretum was allocated $6 million dollars over two years in the Stanhope government’s horror budget back in June, and I shudder to think how much money has been spent on “planning” for the arboretum since then. Stanhope says the plan for the arboretum will be sent back to the winning designers, and they will re-work it…why they need to do that when the tree garden is being scrapped is beyond me…but I bet the designers will get a decent chunk of money once the plan is sent back to them.

Perhaps they will plan a turnip garden instead…no, scrap that, the Legislative Assembly already has far too many turnips, it doesn’t need more.


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Hooray For Flicks And Things!

With Dale and Simon we love Flicks and Things
They’ll entertain you all with John Kerr hosting
Great films they’re toasting
Cos they know better than you (sure do)
By fax or letter or even better
Call them now thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the lyrics above, that is the theme song for Flicks and Things, the movie show with Dale Synden (spelling?), Simon Foster and whoever happens to be hosting New Day Australia on 2UE at 12:30am on a Sunday, usually it’s John Kerr, but recently we have had Clinton Maynard and Clive Robertson hosting while John has been away.

Why do I bring this up? Is this a strange ad? Am I in a strange mood where I start asking you rhetorical questions that you may or may not already be asking yourself? Why, no & yes?

Well yesterday morning when Simon, Dale and Clinton ran Flicks and Things, they had their usual trivia question…or to be more precise they had a trivia question, which is something they have each week…the question was not the same as any others they have asked, and therefore I suppose is not a “usual” trivia question…but I digress…the question they posed was:
Which actor was quoted as saying “The only reason I’m in Hollywood is that I don’t have the moral courage to refuse the money”?

When I heard that question I thought that I knew it, in fact I was 90% sure of my answer, and decided that I would do some research to see if my answer was in fact correct…if so then I would ring in and answer the quiz and hope that nobody else had already rung in with my answer, if not I would not ring, as I would have an unfair advantage. My research indicated that I did have the correct answer, so a few minutes after Simon, Dale and Clinton posed the question, I rang in with my answer.

A few minutes later they took a call from somebody who rung in before me with an answer…their answer, which I don’t recall, was incorrect. I was next in line, my name and location was called out “Samuel from Canberra” and after a few moments of banter I presented my answer “Marlon Brando”…and after a few moments of making it sound like I was incorrect, it was announced that my answer was correct, and I had won two John wayne movies, of which I don’t recall the titles.

I was then put on hold and the producer wrote down my name and address, which should be in the hands of 2UE’s promotions department by now, and my DVDs should arrive soon.


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Nattie’s Walks

One day I will have to explain how the system I devised for taking Nattie on different walks actually works, and when I do it will be filled with diagrams and explanations, but for now I will just advise you that it has changed slightly.

The majority of walks are based around one or two alternating blocks (with 27 16 blocks potentially making up those blocks), with some other walks being based on streets. The street based walks have, up until recently, been a second stage of the cycle which takes place after the block based walks have been exhausted, the street based walks were devised to provide a break between the end of the block based walks, and the restart of the block based walks. These street based walks were extended in the latest cycle to include all the streets involved in the block based walks, as such the street based walks are now a stage unto themselves rather than a mere “buffer zone” between cycles.

In the current cycle, which started a few weeks ago, Nattie and I decided to split the block based walks into two sections. The previous system involved a walk around the central block, followed by walks around each of the surrounding blocks, followed by a “super block” walk around the perimeter of the aforementioned surrounding blocks, then the same set of walks, but on the opposite side of the road, which are known as extended walks.

The standard and extended walks have now been split into seperate sections, so that we progress around the area of the walkies cycle a bit more rapidly, and see all sections of the area a bit more frequently. We still have the same number of walks, we just don’t get stuck in one area for quite as long at the expense of other areas any more.

The more I write about this, the more I realise that I am going to have to create an explanatory post with diagrams.


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Back Seat Driver

I sometimes wonder why dreams put us in such strange situations and yet we accept them as being perfectly normal within the dream, in some ways it is as if we are actors, but are closer to being the character than the actor, as we have no idea that we are acting, and are completely immersed in the scene.

Saturday night brought me two interesting dreams, this is the first one, I will post the other one later today (at least I think this is the first one, I can never quite be sure what order they occur in).

In this dream I was in a car travelling south on the Tuggeranong Parkway, I was one of three people in the car, and oddly enough I was driving from the rear left seat, with my passengers in the front seats. I made a left turn onto an off-ramp, which would take me to Macarthur Avenue (it doesn’t matter that, in reality, those roads are not even remotely near each other), there was a bit of a queue on the offramp, and just when I stopped behind the rest of the queue, a police car pulled up behind me with lights flashing and siren wailing…for one reason or another I panicked, overtook every car on the offramp down the left side of the road, and fled down Macarthur Avenue, which strangely became Limestone Avenue. The police car did not follow.

I can only assume that the police car in the dream was not filled with police trying to apprehend me…although I am a tad perplexed as to why I fled, and why I was driving from the rear left seat.


October 23rd, 2006 at 06:06am


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