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October 23rd, 2006 at 06:06am

I sometimes wonder why dreams put us in such strange situations and yet we accept them as being perfectly normal within the dream, in some ways it is as if we are actors, but are closer to being the character than the actor, as we have no idea that we are acting, and are completely immersed in the scene.

Saturday night brought me two interesting dreams, this is the first one, I will post the other one later today (at least I think this is the first one, I can never quite be sure what order they occur in).

In this dream I was in a car travelling south on the Tuggeranong Parkway, I was one of three people in the car, and oddly enough I was driving from the rear left seat, with my passengers in the front seats. I made a left turn onto an off-ramp, which would take me to Macarthur Avenue (it doesn’t matter that, in reality, those roads are not even remotely near each other), there was a bit of a queue on the offramp, and just when I stopped behind the rest of the queue, a police car pulled up behind me with lights flashing and siren wailing…for one reason or another I panicked, overtook every car on the offramp down the left side of the road, and fled down Macarthur Avenue, which strangely became Limestone Avenue. The police car did not follow.

I can only assume that the police car in the dream was not filled with police trying to apprehend me…although I am a tad perplexed as to why I fled, and why I was driving from the rear left seat.


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